Windows Phone developer Elbert Perez reaches a million downloads

OccassionalGamer Million Downloads

More good news for Elbert Perez and OccassionalGamer. Collectively, Perez's Windows Phone games has passed the millionth download mark. As of January 14, 2012 OccassionalGamer titles have recorded 1,002,760 downloads. Not too shabby.

The titles leading the download parade include Armored Drive at 224,875 downloads and Impossible Shoota at 156,267 downloads.

OccassionalGamer Downloads

There's little doubt of Perez's success with Windows Phone game development. From the number of downloads to the revenue they generate, OccassionalGamer is definitely one of Windows Phone's success stories.  

You can catch our roundup of OccassionalGamer titles here.

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NaterBater says:

Great news. I really enjoy the games he makes. I wish I could support his work better. Maybe I click on some ads lol.

Shack2424 says:

Elbert....one man gaming machine !! Well done sir..... !
Do us proud....don't sell out to EA anytime soon. Keep in real son !

Love the game armored drive! Keep it up! :D

Gemini Ace says:

Steam Castle is fantastic.

Kadcidxa says:

kool! i never tried any of those apps though.

clmbngbkng says:

George, enough with Elbert Perez please.

Justin.TV312 says:

He should submit these to Xbox live that way people can get achievements and they'll be more downloads

ikecr says:

way to go Mr. Perez, and justin.tv312 is right, should the most popular ones might go to xbox live ;)