Windows Phone enthusiast website fan giveaway now underway

Windows Phone Fan

The team behind the We Love Windows Phone website over in Hong Kong have kicked off their Windows Phone fan giveaway. The LED fans -- when in operation -- display a short presentation stating "Windows Phone" "Simply Faster" (see above photos). Stock is limited, but this competition is open to international platform fans.

Check out the quick demonstration below of the product in action.

All that's required is a short form to be filled out, which includes the question "What would you like to see as the next Windows Phone souvenir to attract the public?" The application period ends on May 23rd, and note that entrants will bear the cost of international shipping. Head on over the We Love Windows Phone's website for the form and further details. 

Source: We Love Windows Phone (Bing translation)



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ShadL says:

No comments? Well I think you can enter more than once, I've done it three times so far, and the site doesn't give me any problems.

In regards to the fans- they are sexxyyyy.

schlubadub says:

Is that because they look like a sex toy? ;) ;)

incendy says:

Lol, that pic looks so bad :-D

paulstorm says:

errr.  I didn't realize that was a fan at first.  ;)

buggyglint says:

I think I've entered like 15 times now... It never seems to redirect to a confirmation page.

i love how he says   *&%#@$....zimply faastar* xDD epic :D