Windows Phone Game Review: Finger Grinder

Finger Grinder for Windows Phone

Finger Grinder is a reflex game for your Windows Phone that if you're too slow your finger tips could be toast. Well...in a virtual sense of things.

Not sure when all these finger smashing games snuck into the Marketplace but Finger Grinder is a well animated, reflex challenging game from this genre. You have three devices to try to avoid with either one or two fingers.

From Finger Grinder's main menu you have options to play the game, view the local leaderboards, access the options (volume/vibration on or off) and the developer's about screen. Once you start the game you have to choose your poison.

Finger Grinder

There's the sledge hammer and anvil, the spinning circular saw blade and the classic guillotine. From there you choose one finger or two and then place your finger tips in the circles that appear on the screen.

You'll receive the obligatory "Get Ready,3,2,1" warning and then it's only a matter of moving your finger(s) before the sledge, saw or blade drops. You earn points base on your reaction time and they accumulate until your finger is squished or cut off. After dodging a few drops of the hammer, I have to admit I was a little jumpy. Overall, Finger Grinder is fun for a while but doesn't have much staying power. I can see it being an interesting pass and play game as well.

There are two versions available for Finger Grinder on the Windows Phone Marketplace. You have a Finger Grinder Free, which is free, and Finger Grinder that is currently running $2.99.

QR: Finger Grinder Free                              QR: Finger Grinder (paid)



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TheMofaDe says:

There's a game similar to this call finger slayer but finger grinder look more enhance with more feature also anyone that cares flu new freeinum game contract killer is out

blessthejon says:

Awesome, thanks! :D

ZuNuKoo says:

Where is Contract Killer.. Want to install that game. Been looking forward to it.

TheMofaDe says:

Hey everybody that's going to download it add mofade

Deejay Ron says:

Where are yall located, because it's not in my marketplace?