Windows Phone Game Review: Finger Slayer

Finger Slayer for Windows Phone

Finger Slayer is a Windows Phone game that takes a unique way to test your reaction time. You tap and hold your finger on the guillotine circle, the game counts down 3,2,1 and on GO! you release your hold on the screen to avoid losing a finger. Simple enough, right?

If you pull your finger off the screen too soon in anticipation of the GO! signal, the game ends. If you don't pull your finger off the screen soon enough, the guillotine drops and your finger is lost. Each successful round earns you points and you can share your score on Facebook, Twitter or email them to a friend.

Finger Slayer

Finger Slayer is a fun, pass around game to see which of your friends has the best reaction. It's odd how that the vibration (when you lose your finger) can make you a little jumpy and pull away too soon. Finger Slayer does get a little tricky as you advance. The game will pause ever so slightly between the "1" and "GO!" which gives the game a bit of a challenge.

Finger Slayer may not appeal to everyone but if you care to test your reaction times, it is a free, ad support game for your Windows Phone. You can find Finger Slayer here at the Windows phone Marketplace.

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kidjenius says:

i actually just downloaded this last night haha. i expected more blood  :(

Withdrawn says:

I actually didn't download it - it's not in the Australian marketplace!!!

Badranath17 says:

Very annoying not available in Aus!!

rognema says:

funny game. :D

siddharaj says:

Haha nice game:D

synthman4 says:

Can't get in Australia. More and more apps like this recently.

Extremely buggy and freezes up for such a simple app