Windows Phone Game Review: Zuminja

Zuminja for Windows Phone

Remember the video game Zuma? If so, then the latest Windows Phone game from XIMAD will feel awfully familiar. Zuminja is very similar to Zuma except you shoot various colored ninjas from a canon instead of marbles. Zuminja is developed in the spirit of the Pandas vs. Ninjas games XIMAD has made popular.

It's a fun game and the only downside may be that there's not a trial version available.

Zuminja Help Screen and Levels

Zuminja's main menu is laid out simply with options to start a new game, continue an existing game, select/replay a level, view the leaderboards, tweak the settings (sound/music on or off), view the help page and access the About page.

Again, Zuminja is very similar to Zuma with respect to game play.

You have a chain of these little ninja figures slowly working its way along a winding path. Your job is to destroy the chain before it reaches the end of the path. To destroy the chain, you shoot ninjas from a canon into the chain to create combinations of three or more of the same colored ninjas. When you do, they disappear, you earn points and the chain shortens.

Zuminja Game Screens

Zuminja has twenty levels of play. All of which can be replayed to see if you can best your score. Zuminja's leaderboards include both local scores and Scoreloop online scores.

If you liked Zuma, you will like Zuminja. It is a challenging, entertaining, nicely animated game for your Windows Phone.  Zuminja will run you $.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Nice Review, but tbh I miss Paul's Live games reviews. Can we have him back?

E-werd says:

Fun game, but be aware that the game does not pause when a call comes in. Hopefully this is fixed.

WPSteve says:

I wish we had REAL Zuma... :(

pocketDragon says:

Unfortunately, only the bare mechanics are similar to Zuma. The animation is choppy. Physics are nonexistent. You can't swap colors. The levels seemed to progress in an odd fashion (1,2,1,2, 4 perhaps this was just a bug). Simplistic scoring, so there is no sense of achievement. Worst of all they interrupted my game to beg for a rating. Needless to say, they should be careful what they wish for...

hendson900 says:

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