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Windows Phone Geek opens Developer Marketplace to all

WP Central

The folks over at Windows Phone Geek have finally made their Developer Marketplace open to all. We last looked at the Marketplace when it was released in beta to a select few. The Marketplace enables Windows Phone developers to pick up (or sell) components, tools, templates, frameworks, and more.

The scheduled month to open up the Marketplace to all developers was September 2012, but with increasing interest Windows Phone Geek have decided to bring the release date forward a few months. Boryana Miloshevska, Founder and CEO, had the following to add in the press release.

"Previously, we announced that the private beta was expected to continue until September 2012. I am pleased to announce that, due to the huge interest, we are starting the public beta two months earlier! Starting today, our component marketplace is open to everyone."

Should you be interested to share any supported projects to the community, you can either give items away for free or publish a price tag to fund some beers. Be sure to check out the Marketplace regardless as the purpose of such a place is for developers to create better quality apps for consumers.

Source: Windows Phone Geek



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What is windows phone geek? How do I get this developer marketplace stuff?

Rich Edmonds says:

Windows Phone Geek is a website, and you can reach their Developer Marketplace using the link.

CyclingNut says:

Please forgive my elementary question... I've decided to get my "developer feet" wet by starting with Expression Blend. Can I incorporate tools from this marketplace into an App made in Expression Blend?

thecoderone says:

Yes, you can. On you will also find many articles to help you get started developing apps for Windows Phone.

timwp12 says:

Yup never heard of wp geek. Sorry.not interested in it. I rather sell apps from Microsoft market place.

thecoderone says:

Indeed, as Rich said, this is a marketplace for Windows Phone app development tools,SDKs, UIControls, etc for developers to build their apps , rather than a marketplace for apps. 

snakechia says:

This is a very resourceful site, I learn my WP development skill partially from there. Have an eBook very well documented for the Silverlight toolkits for WP. Worth your time there.

Eirenarch says:

Telerik and Infragistics make Windows Phone components in Bulgaria. Even the CEO of this company is Bulgarian and still no Marketplace support for Bulgarian developers :(

manmeetvirdi says:

Hey Guys
Just wanted to know why Nokia sticks to Windows OS only and not Andriod ?
Microsoft is selling its OS to Samsung and other hardware companies then what's stopping Nokia for adapting Andripd ?

OMG55 says:

Ah, because they looked at both android and wp7 and decided to differentiate themselves from all of the other using android. Besides, your comment actually doesn't make much sense. All manufacturers have a choice of what OS they're going to use on there hardware; Samsung, LG, HTC, among others have more devices running Android than WP7 if they even have hardware running WP7 at all...the majority doesn't.

Ticomfreak says:

Haha. Just signed up for an invite a week ago

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