Windows Phone Ghost Hotel caught on tape

We mentioned the Windows Phone "Ghost Hotel" publicity stunt back on December. At the time, we were a little unclear what exactly the event was, though we surmised it had to do with regular people being a part of some live role-playing/mystery event. Turns out, we were pretty spot on as WP7App.de confirmed with us at the time:

"That windows phone hotel was a PR event where you had to chase ghosts (ghostbusters-style) with an app on a Lumia."

In fact it was more than that as they were basically recreating the classic 1984 movie 'Ghostbusters' but with a Windows Phone twist. The teaser video was fun but now we have a longer video posted by Microsoft Germany that sheds light on the whole Windows Phone-Ghostbuster media event. And it looks like it was a lot of fun.

Well, it is in German and features a lot of QR codes, but you'll get this gist. Once again, kudos to Microsoft and Nokia for another ingenious show.

Source: Microsoft.DE; Thanks, Andrea M., for the link--sounds like you had a great time!



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leoment says:

I've gotta say, I love Nokia's advertising ideas - this sounds very cool, as well as the frozen in ice idea they did for the 800..
Bring some idea like this stateswide in NYC (Times Square)

venom5150 says:

Nice. MS and Nokia have a great thing going over in Europe as it relates to marketing. I hope they have similar campaigns in the US.

smartass1379 says:

I hope they hold this kind of even in the US

kidjenius says:

They need to do something like this is Canada. Btw, posting using v2 of wpcentral app. Amazing work jay!

GU3RO10 says:

Yes new wpcentral app lets u comment on article

harchestr says:

Yes I agree..This is one of the best looking apps I have seen and also well done. Kudos to WPCentral.

I'm loving the v2 of this app, keep up the good work, Jay.

Why can't the wmpoweruser app be as polished as this, just a little bit?

Jay Bennett says:

Because I don't work for wmpoweruser ;) thanks so much for all the good comments guys!

Sorry Jay, I didn't me you personally, I was just thinking aloud.:)

konsol says:

Hey, my Name is Andre Not Andrea;-) yes it was a awesome Event;-)