Windows Phone Hacker releases Tweaks for Windows Phone [Homebrew]

Tweaks for Windows Phone is a homebrew application by Windows Phone Hacker, the brains behind Lock Screen Widgets, that empowers the user with an array of customisable options. From hiding the clock to faking a Xbox Live Gold subscription, Tweaks will allow one to have some fun while on the go. The beauty of such an app is how it allows such alterations without diving into the registry or applying multiple hacks.

The app sports interesting functionality, including the ability to access OEM Marketplace collections (but not all apps will work on unsupported devices). Some highlighted features of Tweaks:

  • Toggle Dehydration
  • Toggle clock visibility
  • Toggle 32bit color
  • Enable 'never' screen timeout
  • Allow media access while the phone is syncing
  • Spoof Xbox "Gold" status and send messages without subscription
  • Change phone's voice
  • Charge your phone wirelessly (not really, but it'll make the OS think that)
  • Change your OEM Marketplace

Head on over to Windows Phone Hacker to download Tweaks. Note that this requires root access / privileges.

Warning: Microsoft takes Xbox LIVE hacking seriously. We don't know the ramifications, if any, in using this hack but be forewarned that permanent bans could occur on your account if Microsoft figures it out.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker



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Gatlyn says:

The only hack I'd do is changing the OEM marketplace. I'd like to have access to the Nokia exclusives.

cannon#WP says:

Except for Nokia Maps, none of the rest run on anything other Nokia devices.

Gatlyn says:

Why's that? I'm talking about the EA games in addition to the Nokia developed apps like Nokia Drive.

bloo0153 says:

They'll work, it just requires a few registry changes.

Saljen says:

I have Nokia Drive and Maps running on my HTC HD7 and all I did was install it from a .xap. They work perfect, and have never gave me any trouble for not running it on a Nokia device.

OuHiroshi says:

Those .xap are cracked to be used on any WP7 device. If you take the .xap straight from the market without cracking it then it wouldn't launch.

DaSchnee says:

Yeah, but sadly my Venue Pro is not supported...

MaulerX says:

Does this require interop unlock? I assume it does.

dkp23 says:

Hope they come out with a lumia 900 jailbreak....i miss my screen capture app :(

Shantek says:

Just pay the small dev unlock fee then sideload the screen app?

Kadcidxa says:

Note that this requires root access / privileges.... :(

Verkunder says:

Edit: I guess I should read. Or was it incorrect in the article before? Eh, shame it doesn't work.

GreenGo#WP says:

Change the 'voice' ? That means now I can get Cortana to call me instead of that anonymous girl's voice?

MS wont like the xbox part.