HTC TITAN II 720P video test from CES 2012

Howdy folks, as we get ready to leave CES 2012 in Vegas, we still have a few more nuggets for you. In the above video, you'll see three samples from the 16MP TITAN II camera from HTC. Shot in 720P and testing two of the filters, we were pretty happy with the results, but we'll let you decide.

Of course, this is unfinished software/hardware so there may be slight changes and optimizations before the phone is released, so don't consider this the final test of the TITAN II. We really like HTC's custom filters of which there we many to choose from (we show just two in the video).

One curious thing we found out: the TITAN II has a dedicated processor for the camera, which is why shooting a 16MP pic feels just as fast as shooting an 8MP on the original TITAN. That's some pretty cool tech, if you ask us. Make sure to also check out our 16MP photo samples from the TITIAN II right here!



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PhilR8 says:

I dunno, man.  Nothing makes me go "wow" with that video.  Excited to see how the Lumia 900 performs under similar circumstances.

CAW88 says:

This looks pretty good to me.. Its a slight step up from my HD7 the auto focus is alot more smoother and faster .. But overall quality is just a minor step above IMO.

scumpuppy says:

dunno Dan - not very often I disagree with yoru review of something but on this occasion i dont think that video is anything more special than anything else thats been out for the last 2 years
it looks OK when theres nothing moving but as with most HTC camera's as soon as theres some movement it just goes blurry, Blur is still Blur whether its standard definition or High definition
Doesnt really sell it to me to be honest
On another note Im a bit dissapointed theres been no mention of when/if local device encryption is coming to Windows phone, without that businesses will stay away from them and once corporations get iphones for their staff and lock them into contracts/change the infrastructure towards itunes and iOS Im afraid WP7 will struggle to get them onto WP7 when and if they ever do get local device encryption, PCI compliance for compaines nowadays pretty much demands it so Im at a loss as to why Microsoft hasnt moved towards introducing this and attacking the enterprise market! anyway - I digress.. off topic

nizzon says:

I agree with everything you said about the camera.

Residing says:

Wow, Daniel, you really like the Titan II, it seems. (as you were with the Titan).
HTC fo' life?

thenet says:

who's the chubby dude?

willdoors says:

booooo...... the audio is not stereo! TITAN1 records stereo audio!

I thought it had image stabilization?  Sure doesn't look like it or is it only on still images?