Windows Phone Insider app gets Mango refresh, new features, ringtones

Windows Phone Insider is a decent little helper app that Microsoft created, but for some reason doesn't ship with, Windows Phone. It has tips, Bing wallpapers, top apps, etc.

Recently, it too got a Mango refresh and it actually has some really cool features now to take note of:

  • Exclusive Ringtones! 5 free every month from musician and composer ill. Gates.
  • Live Tile: Pin the Insider app to your phone's Start screen.  See the Tile come alive. Enjoy the daily Bing wallpaper and see at a glance when there are new apps, games and ringtones to explore!
  • Tips: To help you get started with your phone, and easily discover the 500+ new features in Windows Phone 7.5.
  • Game top picks: Discover 5 new games each week

No, that's not a typo either, there really is a phat composer (his words) named ill.Gates--check his website here. We think that's pretty great that they're working with someone to create some original ringtone content each month and that alone makes this app worth it. The other stuff is just bonus material.

Grab Windows Phone Insider here from the Marketplace. Mango devices only! (Why it doesn't show on simple searches, we have no idea). Thanks, sam.amad, for the tip via our app!



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TheWeeBear says:

Not available in the UK once again it seems. :(

gh8421 says:

Doesn't seem to be available in Australia either by the looks of it.When I click on the link I get a message saying that it may not be available for my device or region.

FacilisDK says:

Not available in DK either :(

Lame. Since it doesn't show up in search (seriously, try typing "Insider") I'm thinking they've published this but aren't yet promoting it--perhaps when Mango officially launches it'll roll out more places.

chiranjeeb says:

Not Available in INDIA Either... :(

Rafyelzz says:

I cant download in Spain either. Maybe it's just compatible with build 7720?

It's definitely Mango only...

hyperik says:

Not available in The Netherlands =( like some other MS apps/MS xbox live games that where in the marketplace are not for outside the USA. No zune pass here, no music buying... =( ....It's a sad world outside the USA land for WP...

Martinspire says:

I'm in the Netherlands too and apparently could install it a while ago, but it doesnt seem that there is an update available though.

luiscamino says:

well, i have mango and i can't install it either! it's a vodafone spain htc trophy with 7720 unofficially installed.

haikallp says:

Not available in my region??WTH MS..it used to be available, just like MS's YouTube app.Why is MS restricting people outside US from using thier apps. It's ludicrous and for the record, i'm using a Mango phone so this is just absurd. First YouTube, now Insider what next? haishh

y are everyone fussing suddenly when no one even used the app? seems that no matter what people are fussing.

Reloaded#WP says:

No one was using it because it was really useless (only some good backgrounds)... But now it seems MS has improved it a lot, so people want it and will probably use it.

still no reason to fuss and complain. u guys fuss and complain about everything

Paul Acevedo says:

Well look who's back...

No Canada either. Getting sick of this Microsoft **** about USA only.

Shadow 024 says:

In USA, can't find the app.

1jaxstate1 says:

Neat app. A little buggy.

dreamcaster says:

I had it, deleted it, and now its not in the Marketplace and since I had it already, Zune won't let me download it again (it says its been bought already). Dumb.

dreamcaster says:

I mean I downloaded it a really long time ago. I lost it when I updated to the HTC Mango leaks (which are RUUs, so I had to start clean) and now I can't download it because Zune won't give me the option to "buy" it again and it isn't listed in the Marketplace for some reason. Try not being an idiot next time. If you have a way to assist with this "user error," do so. If not, then...

saying this is dumb is not how u ask for help. anyway just tap this link http://social.zune.net/External/LaunchZuneProtocol.aspx?pathuri=navigate...

dreamcaster says:

Can you read? I've done that already. It doesn't work.I go to it in Zune. - I've already downloaded it before, but it is no longer on my device.- In Zune, it gives me the "Free" download option.- I hit that, it says "Already purchased"- The "Buy" button is greyed out.- I can't re-download it, because it doesn't give me the option to.That is why I'm saying dumb. Its a clunky system, and I should be able to re-download something from Zune that I've previously downloaded before, but it doesn't give me that option. At least it doesn't in this case.Thank you for trying to help, but I'm stuck until it actually appears in the Marketplace.

goto that link on the phone it works I just did 2 uninstall/reinstall cycles

1jaxstate1 says:

Its the first app I've seen that's able to run in the background!

8Tracks runs in the background too

gh8421 says:

No longer getting the "not available for your region/device" error, but now when I press Update I get error 80320011.The marketplace tile has even updated it's self to tell me I have an update.... THIS update.

Thanks everyone for your interest in the Windows Phone Insider App. It will be available for download in all markets later this week (English only). We're still putting the finishing touches on it, so we were keeping it hidden in Marketplace when Daniel's connection tipped him off. Any version of it that you have should get the update when it goes live this week (if you're on Mango). I hope you enjoy the app! The ringtones are my favorite part too! :-)-LisaMicrosoft owner of Windows Phone Insider app