Windows Phone Marketplace picking up steam

Windows Phone Marketplace Growing

It's been a busy month for the Windows Phone Marketplace and it's nice to see the momentum building. In May we've seen new apps such as AboutOne, LinkedIn, Photosynth, Baseball Live and Talkbox. Add new games such as MonstaFish, Feed Me Oil, MissileDefender, Logorama and WordHog and the Marketplace continues to build a very nice resume of titles.

We also saw updates to Facebook, WhatsApps, Rowi, Skydrive, Monster Island and our own WPCentral app. Oh, and the list of $.99 Xbox Live gaming titles continues to grow.

May was a busy month for the Windows Phone Marketplace and it doesn't look like things are going to slow down in June. There is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next week which we could see more Marketplace news hit the press. You also have the Nokia exclusive apps lurking in the shadows. Could we see Angry Birds Space, Madden NFL or Tiger Woods PGA Tour roll out in June?

Many criticize the Windows Phone system as lacking a strong enough Marketplace. Sure... we don't see it that way and the growth the Marketplace has had over the past month may thin our critics a bit.

We leave you with this question. As the Windows Phone Marketplace continues to grow, what is the one app or game that is missing that would make your app/game library complete?

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TheRealSel says:

I need a teamviewer app and a bria app for my windows phone. I've been patiently waiting since day 1.

kiddori says:

I'd love a Teamviewer app. The only reason I can't use WP for my day-job.

AtefShehata says:

Try ConnectMe, it is a good RDP client

childsplay08 says:

As a wp7 user in the UK who has just switched after 2years with android (not the most user friendly os)the two things I hope come to WP are an official BBC news app and google maps with street view. Get these basic staples and WP will take off much quicker . Most of my colleagues are holding back until the higher end apps become available . Great OS though, well done Microsoft

Lx23 says:

Double check, I think the BBC news app is there.

erzhik says:

As far as I remember, Android Market barely had worthy apps. It will take time to built WP marketplace but it will grow. Critics Just need to STFU.

jdep1 says:

Need app that does the following:1) block only some numbers,reply to text messages in advance while busy,real caller id like white pages. 2) draw something 3)instagram 4) words with friends. Last we need better: Skype,Facebook & official YouTube app. I hope we get all that by wp8.

TexZenFool says:

Feel like a broken record but I'm still waiting for an Audible.com player.

prowade says:

It is coming though, at least we know that much.

No kidding! What happened to it? It was being beta tested and ready for release, then nothing.

DalekSnare says:

The app is still in beta testing. It's going to be nice, but if it were actually ready for release, I'm sure they would release it.

kevster013 says:

Yes, Audible please! How long does it have to take???

kensington14 says:

Audible has been in beta for months now. This is the one app I really miss. Would also like the google version of latitude although gMaps is pretty good.

I got an androidphone without a sim for this reason alone. Audible certainly don't prioritize this...

Buttowski says:

Yep, need Audible

AriesDog says:

Two: Comixology for digital comics. Epocrates, a drug reference app popular with doctors and others in the health industry. The former for fun. The latter is the last thing holding my doctor friends from making the switch.

MediaCastleX says:

Comixology actually makes a competent DC Comics app, I just wish they could get Marvel on the platform... =/

AriesDog says:

The DC Comics app is indeed nice but is limited to just the main superhero line. Can't see my Vertigo or Wildstorm comics I've bought. The Comixology app gives you access to everything DC, Marvel, and everybody else.

mailman27 says:

Desperately wishing for a Comixology app. I read a lot of non-DC comics so and I've built up a sizeable digital comics library using their iOS app.

thenet says:

Who cares of instagram it just another stupid photo sharing app. It will die out in a year

ahuczek says:

Probably less but it's still significant and we don't have it. As wp grows we'll see more crossover but while that happens its very frustrating.

benandarchie says:

What is the big deal about instagram? It has the worst filters ever which just ruin your photo

mountainer says:

it's more for the social network for me

Beezie84 says:

I would rather see a full phone integration with instagram rather than just an app.. I personally feel it's an overrated app in general but the masses need to be heard and accommodated

tds101 says:

All I want is bejeweled,...lol!!!

darais99 says:

It's all ready there

PapiChulo74 says:

Bejeweled is an XBox Live game!

elisaur says:

But it's not bejeweled blitz!

Gatlyn says:

I agree! Give us Bejeweled Blitz!

tallgeese says:

My wife complained about not having Bejeweled Blitz on her new Nokia Lumia 900 I bought her. I didn't care, no Apple products in my house.

konsol says:

In Germany : Pizza.de or Pizza hut

igadget says:

You know, I was about 50% complete with a Risk clone and stopped because I was worried about lawsuits and such. I'm debating whether to go down the route of doing the same thing but in Space or something, taking over planets instead of territories. They can't sue me then right?

pressstart says:

I think you might have to throw in some kind of twist in the rules. I'm sure there must be something fun you can add to the formula :)

There are other risk clones out there...not sure how they've faired legally. There's Lux, Attack on Facebook, probably others. Lux has a bunch of different maps and different rule options. For example, the possibility of reinforcing between more than just adjacent territories.

Apoc says:

Do it, hell do both of the original and the space one.

MediaCastleX says:

Hey they might hire you like they did for Linked In! =P

schlubadub says:

I wouldn't worry about lawsuits... If anything it would be removed from the Marketplace. Just don't use their trademarks and don't steal direct images etc and it should be fine ;)

mailman27 says:

There are a ton of risk clones on iOS. I play Generals as it has push multiplayer. Please bring a multiplayer or good single player risk clone to WP7!

Not familiar with that one... Can you guys expand a bit more about the app pls?.. :)

argenys says:

Evolution of HeyTell

konsol says:

And: a fluid Acrobat Reader!

Nataku4ca says:

lol, I agree, not sure why that app makes me wait everytime i try to zoom in and move around the pdf... =.=

industry86 says:

It's because it's terrible.  No history, no zoom lock...it plains sucks.  And no sign Adobe is going to care either.

Yes...its was ok enough at release time... Buy need to be smoothed/improved by now

Lx23 says:

That app sucks!

Miistercoool says:

I need the Chase bank app to come to wp7!!! I've been waiting since forever for that app!

RyanDaLyon says:

Agree! And instagram as well.

garbro says:

How about using PageOnce until then?

TechAbstract says:

I use the website version. Not bad at all.

ddsindpls says:

It would be nice. I think they make it for everyone else, including the Kindle Fire. However, as someone else already said, the mobile web site is pretty handy. It does everything I need it too.

Me too. Supposedly, we'll find out in June.

gorebashd says:

Angry birds space ftw!

benandarchie says:

Yes I love angry birds!!!

kingkoopa09 says:

Audiosurf tilit would be a game changer its hands down top app on any device but sadly only on zunehd and not wp7

kidjenius says:

YES YES YES. it could THE most awesome exclusive windows phone game

EAA575 says:

Yes, we definitely need that game;

ridie1389 says:

Excuse me sir, I'd like to order... Hmmm... Lets see... 89 servings of that!^

justin071894 says:

I loved that game! :D

Jay Bennett says:

Spot on I'd spend hours playing that game on a mobile device :D

trazer says:

Yes please!!!!!!! Someone needs to make this happen!

Brian3 says:

If I could ask for any app, it would be for Apple to release iMessage on Windows Phone (all my friends have iPhones), but that's never going to happen so I would definately choose Path.

Guess the new offline messaging feature now rolled out in messaging isn't enough

agm353 says:

Yeah, I'd rather not let Apple release all their bloatware on our marketplace. And besides, iMessage sucks!

thenet says:

IPhone sucks so is message. Who needs it just text message

kingkoopa09 says:

I don't want other platforms hand me down I want WP to hand them some apps and show em how ita don't "beautifully different" right?

ScarletStar says:

I actually feel quite complete already...
Nothing specific I'd need right now.

mjrtoo says:

The app I miss most from my iPhone days is called 64 Bit Calculator. I wish that would get ported over, or, someone do a similar program. It was a fantastic programmers calculator.

I was reading through the comments and couldn't resist replying, mjrtoo. Check out Calculator², hopefully it's what you're looking for! I have a forum post here: http://forums.wpcentral.com/applications-spotlight/189202.htm.

From my perspective as a developer there are a lot of great apps out there, but even with only (!) 100,000 apps it can be difficult getting yours noticed. I think the future is looking good for Windows Phone and Windows 8 though.

mjrtoo says:

Thanks for the pointer Richard! I'm checking it out now, seems like a very nice calculator. :-)

schlubadub says:

Did you know the default WP calculator has more functions when you turn it sideways? Still missing a bunch of things, but better than the default view

mjrtoo says:

Yes, but needed the more advanced bitwise functions and ASCII is nice too, plus all the conversions on one screen is really nice. It does work pretty good for basic stuff like you say though, great tip. :-)

kikoswp7 says:

A state farm insurance app and infinity blade II

SaviorXX9 says:

We will have the last laugh!

wikison says:

Missing Kobo, RoveIT MobileAdmin, Trillian.

sanetomore says:

Twitch.tv app would make me happy

Jagbag13 says:

I totally agree. I want to watch some Starcraft 2 streams.

Thamuz says:

Mainly SpaceTime and yeah, a real pdf viewer, not that crap that Adobe seems to think passes for a real app.

industry86 says:

It sucks that the design decision to have Adobe's pdf viewer is the default on Windows Phone.  I hope that changes with Windows Phone 8.

based_graham says:

Low marketshare 100,000 apps, no native code 100,000 apps. Now I wonder how many apps will come around when the marketshare grows and with Windows 8 around oh man this marketshare is going to BOOM.

tarakadak says:

Instagram, just to shut up the girls/hipsters
a real working version of atBat would be great too...

TonyDedrick says:

I like Instagram and I am far from being a female and would not call myself a hipster. Its a fun site where your friends can share pictures, along with your favorite celebrities.

annaba1 says:

Voxer, google plus, myyearbook.

RawrrSavior says:

I'll agree with the first and last.

industry86 says:

Wouldn't mind Mint making one.  Also Chase bank.
Wish i could just access their api to build it myself.

LawnPaul says:

I also would like mint

ousooner314 says:

+1 for mint. If you haven't already, vote for it on their website. There's one that's still "Under Consideration". Who knows, they might just listen!

jmshub says:

I went to the Contact Mint website  (https://www.mint.com/help/ ) and submitted a question asking when I could see Mint on WP. I got back a standard canned response something to the effect of "Thanks for your question. While we don't currently have a product that suits your needs, we'll pass this on to the product team for advisement". Anyone who's interested should submit as well. Make them consider us, perhaps.

wenogg says:

Watch the beta forums...

jsayz says:

Chase Bank, i.TV, and Flipboard for starters are on my

dakranii says:

still want a tv guide app!

wetworker says:

I would love to see Adobe release Photoshop Express for windows phone as well as update the current Adobe Acrobat.

ousooner314 says:

I wouldn't hold my breath. While iOS and Android have version 10 of their Reader, they don't have a timeline for basic updates for our version 9. So frustrating!

dmazin82 says:

The app that would make this complete is an app that allows free tethering.

I agree completely! Though it is free on t- mobile!

mccasive says:

Tethering is only free on Tmobile for 50 connections after which you get notice of $14.99 plan or disconnection. Alternatively you can sign up for 5gb data plan for $35/month which comes with free unlimited tethering.

My plan is $94 a month and I get 500 mins unlimited nights/weekends,unlimited text, unlimited data after 10GB and tethering

schlubadub says:

You have to pay for tethering?? It's all free in Australia... Data usage just comes off your data allowance.

Cut The Rope, pleaseeee!! Where are you Chillingo??

Yeah it's kinda strange since it's been on the win 8 preview for a while and is featured in that IE commercial.

futurix says:

I think they don't want to develop a new version for WP7 when they already have one for Windows 8 (and by extension WP8).

PapiChulo74 says:

I'd really love to play some Draw Something!

kidjenius says:

I want tiny towers on windows phone and minecraft pocket edition!!

elisaur says:

Bridge odyssey was good when I had an iPhone too

textomatic says:

Pandora, if only to shut up the people that use it as amunition to why Windows Phone sucks (which it doesn't.)  Personally I use iHeartRadio, Mixtape, and Zune pass.

dabs1710 says:

Radio Controlled works very well too.

CJ Thunder says:

Multiplayer games, Monopoly would be nice. Banks, Chase, ING and Sharebuilder. Audible. Pulse could use an update, so can Angry Birds...lots of wants...

I have contacted and contacted Ing and sharebuilder many times with requests regarding these two apps, it is a must have for me!

dabs1710 says:

The current Pulse app is way too slow

caesar500 says:

Monopoly is on our phones, but the ability to play others like phone-to-phone would be nice.

SQLvariant says:

RunKeeper runs like a dog lately so maybe a competitor like RunTracker would be good.  a Mint.com app sure would be nice.

schlubadub says:

Endomondo is fanastic

schlubadub says:

It's also fantastic :P

Lukas#WP says:

Just make sure you don't delete your runkeeper as it is no longer supported:(

wsantiago says:

LogMeIn for sure!!!

kingkoopa09 says:

Boooo Pandora and instagram WP alternatives better Full last.fm, Zune pass and fhotoroom

TonyDedrick says:

Fhotoroom has turned into a bastion for underage, ducklipped high school girls in their bikinis and the pervs trying to "holla" at them. If I had to recommend an alternative, I would suggest EyeEm ( ?)

edjr07 says:

I understand some of these will come with Nokia , however :
Square or intuit go payment
Banking apps (citi for sure)
And to add to apps that need updates

BadForecast says:

Have you tried fourth and mayor as your foursquare replacement? Its pretty great.

blackprince says:

Even Foursquare thought it was good and the directed people to it when the official app was pulled.

MediaCastleX says:

Foursquare got pulled?! =(

BadForecast says:

That was awhile ago. Its been back though I still prefer 4th.

edjr07 says:

I actually did try that on my 900. Had a weird battery drain issue. It was almost like the location services would never turn off. My phone would heat up and drain very quickly.

caesar500 says:

4th and mayor is nice, but I have GPS issues with it (Samsung Focus)

pregohenry says:

Inclass app and a better photo editing app like camera plus

shirleyboy says:

SkyGo in the UK.

pallentx says:

Olive Tree Bible Reader
I know there are alternatives, but I miss those from other platforms. 

1Rahtid says:

I second Olivetree. Would also like to see WellsFargo, and Awesome Note.

jfa1 says:

I tried to get Laridian to do Pocket Bible  for WP7   to no avail.  I found AcroBible NIV and it what I thought Pocket Bible for WP7 would be  I love it.

1Rahtid says:

I contacted both Olivetree and Laridian and got pretty much the same response from both - no current plans but may develop an app in the future. My only consolation is to imagine that they may both be holding off in favor of Windows Phone 8. I know there are other alternatives out there in the meantime, but either or both of the big two would be welcomed, plus I would be able to transfer over my books that I purchased on other platforms such ad WinMobile and iOS.

frnlh says:

I'm waiting for OliveTree too. They were on WM first, before going to any other platform. They need to come back to the tree's roots!

elisaur says:

Too bad its a little too late to jump on draw something. Fml.

BadForecast says:

Nook, audible, google plus would round me out just fine.

"with friends" games, voxer, a much better pdf reader/editor, cut the rope, draw something, a background enabled Skype app. The list goes on, but mostly because I'm tired of hearing about what's not there compared to the competition. But there are many exclusive apps i wouldn't be without on iOS and Android i.e. Wordament

dirtbikr says:

Chase Bank please!

sannmann68 says:

words with friends would be nice!

oshuabenton says:

Nook, Instagram, and a better YouTube app.

thenet says:

Best YouTube app to use YouTube pro or metrotube which I have since it was removed off marketplace

tropolite says:

I second that - try SuperTube... it's pretty damn good

kiddj55 says:

Try SuperTube!

The desktop and mobile YouTube sites work just fine, what more do you want?

There are alternatives but Google needs to step up their app game because a lot of people don't trust ot download client apps

karelj says:

A solid FIOS app!

Idelgado782 says:

Banking apps!!!!!!! Td, Wells Fargo!! Instagram would be cool. Tapatalk. I miss browsing the forums from my phone! LOL. 

EAA575 says:

Words with Friends... Yeah, I know.

david126 says:

Official app for:
1. Pandora
2. Pinterest
3. Instagram
4. Flipboard
5. Yelp (updated)

rastanac says:

Agree to Pinterest, Instagram & Flipboard!

kiddj55 says:

Angry birds space, Chase Bank, Path, Redbox, and most importantly SCRIBBLENAUTS!

thenet says:

Angry birds space and chase coming next month also instgram

kiddj55 says:

Yea but I really want a RedBox and Scribblenauts

ridie1389 says:

I know this might sound strange, but I would LOVE to use the Google services.
And Doubletwist music player and alarm clock
And maybe some nicer, more realistic, and cleaner versions of games like solitaire, that actually have felt. One similar to the one that was on webos oh so long ago.
And more free games of course!!

thenet says:

Love it windows marketplace gaining momentum and has best useable apps. With this pace it for sure will reach 100,000 next month. While blackberry rim will still drop dead hahahhha rim. Now the apple or android trolls can't say marketplace don't have enough apps well 100,000 is enough which are more common use apps not like junk apps apple or android have

mjrtoo says:

Well, if you don't have 10,000 fart and sexy girls apps how can you have a true marketplace! :-P

NIST says:

A programmable TV remote

Nokia should throw a small IR in its windows 8 debut, but in the mean time you can use Xbox Companion...

lippidp says:

I don't care at all about apps. I'm looking forward to more features in the OS.

aubreyq says:


lippidp says:

Thanks! Where can I cash those +'s in?

rodneyej says:

I would love my banking app "Fort Worth Community Credit Union".. They already have apps for A&A so what's the holdup guys? Get with the times! Lol...

sparry68 says:

State Farm PocketAgent, Audible, and Nook or more complete Kindle (read mags and such).

david126 says:

Ohhh..the iOS environment withdrawal!! :'(

MediaCastleX says:

Its busted...lol =P

p.a says:

Amazon (for Europe) and some Austria specific apps (Scotty and Qando) for public transport are still missing.

Shantek says:

NAB Bank would be good too

schlubadub says:

National Australia Bank Bank? :P ATM Machine!

Milk21 says:

Yeah I sent a email through requesting info on an app and got nothing. Would be great.

rodneyej says:

This time next year, imagine the WP portfolio of popular apps.!!!

BK-one says:

EBay with option to add tracking number and send invoice. And of course a good PayPal app.

Hackemate says:

Teamviewer please.

jmilkey says:

It would be great if Runkeeper would come back to the Marketplace, it feels like a step back when apps leave.  I would also love a Chase Bank app, and also a Nest Thermostat App.

jakeaddison says:

I want to see sky sport football score centre (soccer). Its fantastic on iPhone, android and even blackberry. Windows phone lack a really high quality soccer app

temple run
draw something
"with friends" games
ummmm that's about it 

winbot says:

1) TD Bank
2) Hulu
3) GrubHub 

jchapman01 says:

+1 -- I NEEEED a Hulu app for WP7. Would also like a first person shooter like Halo CE. (C'mon 343!)

Definitely an official instagram app would make my library complete.

rastanac says:

Readabilitiy native integration
Pocket (used to be Read It Later)
. official apps pls!

rastanac says:

* Readability

DROID268 says:

PNC needs an app, Instagram, Google Music would be awesome as well as Google + , and I personally still want draw something although I understand the hype has fallen off a bit

jchapman01 says:

Gooroovster is a pretty good alternative with metro styling. Also great customer service. Only thing they need is offline caching.

steppa75 says:

Sky go,iPlayer and amazon Europe :D

kinaton says:

SkyGo would be good, but sky are apple fanboys

kinaton says:

I need a SMS backup util

I would love to have the AutoDesk sketchbook mobile for windows phone.....they already have it on IOS and android since 2009-2010 and it is way past time someone got it onto windows phone too.....in my opinion a great art\drawing app is sorely needed, there R some good apps like fantasia painter but they R geared more towards photo editing, I am hoping someone out there will urge the devs of the app to extend it for windows phone too....

smasherat says:

Wells Fargo, Flipboard, zinio, grubhub are the apps I miss badly with Android and iOS. Also, they need an instagram, Pandora and words with friends app because it seems like the success of platforms r judged solely on whether it has those apps...

niyoko says:

Audible!! I love using my Zune for Audible, but I really want to have a wp7 app instead.

Salesforce.com would be huge for my job

chrs55 says:

Cities - allows you to instantly find not only the current time in multiple locations, but a future date and time or past time in those locations. Perfect for setting up meetings trips, etc.

Super2online says:

Wells Fargo, Starbucks, and Lowes

xmarklive says:

How about some true real time multiplayer games................

Teamviewer and angry birds space

rhydrag0083 says:

Windows phones needs a better PDF reader asap!!!!!!!!!!!!

MediaCastleX says:

Seriously, I think I would even accept some bootleg xps capability added to the office or something...it honestly couldn't be worse!

MrDiamondJ says:

As a gamer, I'd like to see...
- World of Warcraft Armory
- Call of Duty Elite
- Angry Birds Space
Other stuff...
- Blogger
- Instagram
- Pinterest
- Yelp
I don't care about Foursquare, as 4th & Mayor is much better than the official app anyways.

ZX9 says:

You just about covered it.

caesar500 says:

I'm still wondering why the Yelp is so poor on WP.

jfa1 says:

Words with Friends

mtg1974 says:

I miss AlarmMaster from my old WinMo phones. Words with Friends would be nice. I would also like it if the local NBC news had an app (They have one for iPhone and Android. C'mon!). Wells Fargo would be good too.

Laseven34C says:

Must haves for me are: Epocrates or Medscape, then Voxer. That's it. But even those make me consider switching back to Android for now until Windows 8 really takes off.

MediaCastleX says:

That's kinda sad... =[

MediaCastleX says:

I have to say the holes are not in the marketplace but in the heads of many banks and other institutions that only ever tout two apps and an "other" mobile web offering. I tend to regard these businesses as weak, regardless of their customer base and/or popularity. >=/

luimende says:

Wow. Listen to ourselves. There are a ton of apps missing. How do we expect people to pick up phones. Plus, all the good phones are on ATT. How do they expect to sell phones? I switched to iphone last month. And I miss wp, but I'm really enjoying iOS. There is a lot of stuff here that isn't with us, and there's a lot of stuff here that isn't on iOS. I miss zune, fb. And twitter integration, metro, everything, but I don't miss saying, sorry my phone doesn't have that app.

MediaCastleX says:

You kinda sound like "Gabe" from Penny Arcade and I STILL think it's a sorry excuse. LOL =P

What a traitor! You don't need an app for everything

agm353 says:

Yeah, we really care to hear you iPhone fanboy junk! xD

jcagga says:

How about updating existing popular apps to mimic the fluidity and awesomeness like wp hubs then introduce new apps with the same principle?!

blackprince says:

Waiting for the F1 timing app, Scotiabank, TSN, Waze and some amazing augmented reality stuff.

The final fantasy games, I would also like to see higurashi and umineko visual novels be ported to the system

TechAbstract says:

Final fantasy is coming.

Madpig says:

Redbox, Wells Fargo, Hulu

How about an official Box.net application.

dyne2199 says:

An official Tapatalk forum app would make me happier than a hog in slop.

MediaCastleX says:

I have to go further and say that only l'Appe makes us THINK we are missing these things...remember they didn't really exist before they put that "need" in you. #TheSerpentInTheGarden

TonyDedrick says:

Or it could be from actual use....just a wild guess

schlubadub says:

Apps existed before Apple... We called them Applications or Programs :P

erwt says:

A justin/twitch.tv app and an update for Adobe reader...

gerbir21 says:

I'd like to see the following for WP in the Marketplace
• iControlAV2 (to control my Pioneer receiver)
• Waze
• Urbanspoon
• More Canadian Banking apps (specifically RBC)
• More Canadian retail apps (Ie. Canadian Tire,Home Depot,Shoppers Drug Mart,Future Shop)
• more quality drum machine/sampler/sequencer apps

All the above apps exist on iOS and should port over nicely to the WP/Metro UI. If all the above came out, I would no longer need to have any 'personal' apps on my work iPhone.

mnbulldog says:

For me RSA SecurID is a must for work and for me to leave my Android phone and go WP7. Only thing keeping me from doing it.

gerbir21 says:

Agreed! Any apps that can help make WP viable for business use would be welcome.

MattLFC says:

What is it with everyone wanting Instagram? It's another overhyped product for the siilmpletons over at IOS to jump on the isheep bandwagon over. I mean come one, I have a Lumia, it takes a photo, and I fan upload and tag it to Facebook. If I want to add a crappy filter, I can instantly open Nokia Creative Studio, no hassle. Those who need the likes of Instagram and draw something, are no better than isheep, and would be better suited to making an iPhone their next choice of handset...

TonyDedrick says:

Or folks just like the apps....just a hunch

MattLFC says:

So in that case, they don't have a Windows Phone. It hasn't gone without notice, the "types" of people who are using Instagram, are the same type who like to show off their brand new £600 iPhone 4s they just bought on the day it launched, and the same people who are basically media slaves, and always trying to show off the latest  trendy things.

Windows Phone isnt bout being a sheep, its about being an individual. :-)

Fludlyt says:

Amazon (UK)
BBC iPlayer
Final Fantasy games
Tumblr (Official)
Temple Run

ninnghizzida says:

Square and Where's my Water? please!!!

agm353 says:

Lets see, Instagram, The Sims Freeplay, Triple Town, GTA 3, Temple Run, "With Friends" Games, Draw Something, Pocket Legends, Dark Legends, Pinterest, Diner Dash, Hulu and practically just a content rich market. There are clones and substitues for popular apps, but that doesn't change the fact that I really want the official ones.

sbanjo89 says:

Zite, flipboard and draw something are huge for me

wenogg says:

Have patience :)

LordGreylock says:

There are plenty of apps I would like to see on WP7. There are only a few I really need. One of which is LogeMeIn. I use this for work and although it's not too often, when I do need it, it's usually important. I do miss playing Hero Academy. I am glad we finally got Geo Defense Swarm.

shielah says:

It'd be nice if there were an app to block anonymous calls..calls marked private or unknown. Ones that can't be revealed by caller id on my phone, id pay a good price for that. I don't want people calling my phone with no number coming thru...i can block on my land line but not my WP ..