Windows Phone Short Take: Rush Hour

Rush Hour for Windows Phone

Rush Hour by Winprovise is a handy Windows Phone app but caters to a narrowly focused audience. Rush Hour is a traffic monitoring app for the Klang Valley in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur region). Rush Hour alerts you of traffic problems to allow you the chance to re-route your travels and avoid the headaches.

The app tracks everything on Bing Maps and pulls traffic information from user reports. Rush Hour will also tap into traffic cameras throughout the region

.Rush Hour

Additional key features include:

  • Facebook integration to all you share camera views and report incidents with friends.
  • Pin favorite cameras to your Pinned Page for quick access and viewing.
  • Auto-refresh on pinned cameras.
  • SMS support to alert friends and family of traffic situations.
  • Live map includes incident markers for quick glance notifications.

Rush Hour isn't going to be for everyone but if you're in Malaysia or planning to visit the area, Rush Hour might help you get around town easier. There is a free trial version available with the full version of Rush Hour currently running $.99.

You can find Rush Hour here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Rush Hour



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vaultboy21 says:

lol, this is a pretty niche app to be plugging..?
looks pretty tho I guess.

venetasoft says:

OT: George how can you be faster writing articles than me reading them :) ???
Thank you, you are really a wp hero.

namodenamer says:

Thanks for bringing this up... :-)

stryker09 says:

Howdy from Malaysia. Good to see it featured on WPCentral. Awesome stuff.