Windows Phone Tango update in testing at Telstra

Tango in testing at Telstra

The Windows Phone Tango update is currently in testing by Australian carrier Telstra. What is being referred to as the Mango Commercial Refresh 3 update is being tested for release to the Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Mozart and HD7, Samsung Omnia W and LG c900k.

Speculation has the Tango MCR3 update being pushed out sometime in July. The update will bring these older Windows Phones current with the HTC Titan, Nokia Lumia 900 and 610 which are shipped with the updated version of Windows Phone.

Source: wpdownunder; Thanks, Peter and Sheeds, for the tip!



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TheDarKnight says:

" Nokia Lumia 900 and 610 which are shipped with the updated version of Windows Phone."
So the Lumia 900 comes with Tango already ?

Darthmight says:

That is correct.

TheDarKnight says:

I bought mine in April though, OS Version is :7.10.8112.7
and what about all the new features in Tango ? Are they already there? If so that means the next for the Lumia 900 is the 7.8 (Apollo)?

CpnNemo says:

This is the Australian version which isn't out yet

schlubadub says:

The 900 is out already. Now in stock at Harvey Norman and All Phones (possibly other places too).

Ty1361 says:

I believe so. Tango gave windows phone LTE. I could be wrong.

I thought Mango added support for LTE.

220SeaChaser says:

I thought it was Tango also, but I could be wrong too.

8112 firmware added LTE to mango , 8773 firmware is "tango" and it basically adds some language support, some messaging improvements as well as under the hood refinements but for many US customers on ATT, it also includes the previous firmware upgrades for the disappearing keyboard and some syncing issues with outlook, firmware 7740 and 8107.

newfiend says:

Can someone at WPCentral contact MS and find out whe. The U.S. Phones will be seeing updates? My Focus S still has the keyboard bug and has since Dec. Last year.. Pretty frustrating that it takes this long for such a minor fix and how many Nokia updates have been pushed out? Seems really unfair!

cannon#WP says:

It was reported a long while ago (I think in late winter) that AT&T passed on 8107 (keyboard & other bug fixes) in favor waiting for Tango. If I were you, I'd head over to XDA and side-load the update. It takes some time to get set up but once you do it's easy. I've had my Quantum updated to 8107 since last year.

lippidp says:

Send your complaints to AT&T. They are the ones who've dropped the ball regarding updates. However, many have complained to them in the past to no avail. AT&T simply doesn't care. They make periodic announcements that an update is coming, but it never does.

Montpbm says:

I hear u, I am so pissed that this updated took so long to come, my keyboard piss me off so much! It does seem unfair.

erwt says:

Has nothing to do with MS, it's more than likely the carriers that are fucking you over.

gorebashd says:

I got my 900 with 8107. Rogers isn't releasing till end of July.

Razgriz Lead says:

No mention of the Lumia 710?

VikArmo says:

My UK Lumia 900 shipped with 8773.

schlubadub says:

W00t! HD7 update here we come!

Nakazul says:

7.10.8107 is on my unlocked, instant MSFT updated Titan. That isnt the latest is it?

Nawzil says:

That is the latest and last Mango build.

Bushybro says:

Would've thought tango would be out by now, especially to coincide with the wp8 reveal :'(

Me too, I figured they were going to tie in the summit with the official tango release for all devices, especially since they announced direct updates coming from ms in the future....

Bushybro says:

Especially since devices are now shipping with the update in certain areas. This is very disappointing. How long does it take to push such a small update?

Montpbm says:

Microsoft is slow as molasses..

el.mero.mero says:

It's not Microsoft

kaushik1986 says:

When the update available in india for lumia800,can anybody reply?

stjimmie says:

No one knows, that's a reply.

pavilson says:

Will the htc trophy get this update

SonOfDad says:

Should only take about 100 days for Telstra to make sure they're bloatware works around 50% of the time!

schlubadub says:

Bloatware? They only have the TelstraOne app that can be uninstalled in an instant. It's actually pretty useful.

MrSean490 says:

I have an LG Optimus 7 unlocked phone, am I at the mercy of the carrier I'm with?

schlubadub says:

Is it SIM unlocked or unbranded? If it's just unlocked to work with any carrier then you must wait for the ORIGINAL carrier for updates.
I bought a Telstra HD7, it's unlocked and I use it with Vodafone. Vodafone releases updates before Telstra, but I must wait for Telstra to release them.
You can buy unbranded phones, or hack them to do it.