Windows Phone tweets now "via Windows Phone"

via Windows Phone

The evolution of Twitter on your Windows Phone continues with the most recent change being how the 'via' appears. We started with tweets from our Windows Phones as being referenced as "via Windows Live". Then Twitter become more tightly integrated with our People Hub.

About that same time the "via Windows Live" was changed to "via Microsoft". Now today, if you'll notice, the via has changed yet again.

Tweets now via Windows Phone

Not sure when the switch was thrown but now tweets from your Windows Phone will be tagged as "via Windows Phone".

Now the "via Windows Phone will only appear when you tweet from your "Me" tile. If you tweet from Twabbit, glƏƏk!, or any of the other Twitter clients the tag will be "via Twabbit" or "via glƏƏk!".  Even the Twitter app will tag tweets "via Twitter for Windows Phone".  I wonder if we'll eventually see "via Surface".

Thanks, Jarrod, for the tip!



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Evster88 says:

Makes more sense than "via Microsoft".

RafRol says:

I noticed it today and thought to myself "I don't remember it being from Windows Phone..."

RafRol says:

And not too long afterwards I see this article....

xpxp2002 says:

This happened several days ago. I think on Monday morning.

WinFan1 says:

thats awesome

It'll probably say via windows 8 as opposed to via surface.

larspassic says:

Via Microsoft was not as good. This is much better!

jdechico93 says:

I thought that was always like that.

gorebashd says:

This is good. Shows people windows phone. Like free advertising

RyanDaLyon says:

Hahah reminds me of the email signature sent from my windows phone

Residing says:

Can the 'via' be changed or personalized (i.e. via Lumia 900)?
I don't have a Twitter account, yet; but just curious.

diplomat696 says:

time to get the #viawindowsphone trending!!!

wpos8 says:

I noticed it.since last Thursday. But didn't care lol

wpos8 says:

Yes its better say via windows phone. People who use iPhone or Android shows there phone type

schlubadub says:

I always hated "via Microsoft" as I don't work for Microsoft :P

waynejk says:

Very good. I would actually stop myself from using the integrated Twitter post because it said "via Microsoft." Not because I don't like Microsoft, but because it was, um, rather vague. I would explicitly use Rowi instead, so at least those with a little tech-savviness could perhaps figure out I am using a (great!) Windows Phone app if they wanted to.