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Windows Phone voice to text services down?

Voice to Text down?

Have you been able to use voice-to-text or voice search with Bing on your Windows Phone?  If you're having problems you are not alone.  We've been getting several tips that readers are having difficulty using these services today.

There's even a discussion going on over at Microsoft Answers on this (with no answers as of yet). We've also got our own forums discussion started by Bjfcm who has been having problems with voice services for some time now.  Based on the comments in both discussions, the problem appears to be more common in Ohio and Pennsylvania markets.

We've polled our staff and so far we aren't experiencing any issues. So what say ye?

If you're having similar issues with voice commands on your Windows Phone, let us know in the comments.

Thanks everyone for tipping us on this!



There are 88 comments. Sign in to comment

Siah1214 says:

Been having problems for days...glad it's not just me. I live in TX but have NY phone number.

Bruno H says:

I have had voice-to-text problems for 18 months now!
Oh, yea, now I remember... I live in Sweden! Some people on this planet have no native voice-to-text service at all :-(

Nakazul says:

Yeah its bad, and not to mention the 50+ other functions we don't have :'(
Local Scout, Music Tag, Zune Music and Tell Me is the once I miss most.

lippidp says:

They really need to put this functionality onboard. I don't like being reliant on any cloud services. What if MS one day decides to discontinue this service? My phone's functionality would then be hampered. On the other hand, until MS gets a handle on updates then updating the onboard functionality would be impossible. Sigh...

schlubadub says:

I believe it's physically impossible to have on your phone with current technology. The storage requirements are vast.

lippidp says:

I don't think that's true. I had voice command on my Pocket PC in 2003 which I think had less than 500MB storage. Windows has been able to take dictation since at least 2006 and the whole Vista OS only takes 2 gigs.

Ticomfreak says:

No problems! Northern California.

black_lion says:

I had the exact problems mentioned day before yesterday. It all worked fine by last night, though.

isi mcf says:

No problems on my

DMBFan5 says:

Been having problems here in Ohio the past few days. I don't use it much, but still.

J4rrod says:

Had problems yesterday but it's good now. Focus S, AT&T, southern WV.

techygeek82 says:

Problems here in Nebraska (ATT Titan). Been on Twitter with Windows Phone Support most of the day too getting details back and forth.

Curtieson says:

Sorry but that sounds like THE MOST inefficient way to EVER solve a problem.  Tell me a solution in 140 characters over 4 different messages?  No thanks.

JasonTracy says:

I have sometimes had better support over twitter for two reasons: The whole discussion is public (anyone can see my question & the company's response), and because there are so many people that do use Twitter for support, the waiting line is almost non-existent.

ShahinTr says:

Just tested it, did not work at first go, worked after that as many times as I tried. - From the UK

foosball says:

On and off again issues. Midwest US.

goldenpipes says:

Same here. But that might just be where I work I don't have the greatest signal.

Mine works here in Dallas TX

Shoftiel says:

lost it yesterday morning, back now but for how long? sounds intermittent. Rim flashbacks anyone?

gdarlington says:

No problem here in Las Vegas

Just past few days, but the least of my problems in our poor town...spotty coverage at best...tgfwifi =D

No problem on my HTC Titan
Norfag here, change your language settings to English for speech recognition.

bbennett40 says:

There's another thread in the forums where we've been discussing this issue as well:

winmopro says:

Had the problem starting Monday evening in the NNJ area on a Samsung Focus.  Restarted my phone...didn't solve the issue.

Today I did the following.

Turned on Wifi and ran speech to text messaging.  Was able to connect to tellme and transcribe my words.
Turned off Wifi and again ran speech to text messaging.  Was able to connect over 3G to tellme and transcribe my words.
Maybe a server address was changed that for some reason is not being pushed out over some 3G connections?

jbeal82 says:

I have been having issues with this over the last few days. I live in the Bay Area and am on a Surround.

L2nak says:

I used it several times today and I live in the bay area also. Wonder why it's only affecting some..

ChrisLynch says:

No problems here in So Cal on my Focus S.  Just used it 4 times an hour ago to text while I was in my card, hands-free. 

Kadcidxa says:

Never had a issue with it. Works fine. Just with the new 8107 update, I cannot do any voice text service while wifi/3g internet is turned off.

metsfan421 says:

I live in NY (20 mins outside of NYC) and have had issues with this since last night around 6:00PM on my AT+T Samsung Focus.

gmantione says:

I have had issues in western NY, but not eastern. It is also happening with Bing on the Xbox!

teaMJPx says:

HTC Arrive - TN

I had the issue earlier but i thought it was Sprint just not connecting with my phone data... Tried again now and it's working...

hurler64 says:

Had issues a few days ago but it's been working since.

bguy_1986 says:

I was having problems yesterday.  Just tried and it seems to be working.  I'm from Ohio.

justin071894 says:

I live in Somserset, OH and haven't noticed anything. Just used it ten minutes ago.

OMG55 says:

My bing and voice to text, etc. are working fine....Texas

bckerr says:

Philly, PA area. I use it all day long for addresses and such. About 25 to 30 times a day. No problems here. Although, as much as I use it, I might be sucking up all the bandwidth. ;-)

Miistercoool says:

No problem for me; Titan AT&T New York city.

No issues here. From Washington state.

wpbrian says:

Would not connect to network yesterday, but seems okay today (Portland, OR).

LightBulbIT says:

Mine keeps saying "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." WTF?! Who's "Dave"?!!

MaulerX says:

What exactly have you been asking your phone to do? Huh Dave?

gahbmwm5 says:


stevethenerd says:

Toronto Canada unable to use; Microsoft tellme...

whatup12 says:

was down in baltimore over the weekend but working now!

Working fine for me all the time. Omnia7 uk

In Ohio. No problems on my end.

trazer says:

Data is off all the time, I've never used speech function at all in over 14 months of ownership lol. Don't even know how...

lippidp says:

Ya just hold down the Windows button. Once you've mastered that challenging task, if you have a compatible Bluetooth earpiece you can hold down the button on that.

mjrtoo says:

That's too bad, one of the better features, voice dial, start apps, search for stuff, etc.

schlubadub says:

Seems fine at the moment (In Australia)

Yes, working great tonight. Have noticed over the past couple days it immediately tell me that it could not connect. I just assumed it was sprints pathetic data service causing the issue.

blends says:

No problems for me in NY

I have glitch problems on my Xbox live though

Back in action here in WI. Winphonesupport on Twitter believes the problem has been resolved.

laughfactory says:

After a number of attempts over several days, my wife and I have mostly given up on using the voice recognition services. Sometimes it worked awesome, and other times it didn't work at all even when speaking slowly and annunciating especially clearly. I think we're probably like most users: if it doesn't work reliably, we probably won't rely on it much. Which is too bad because it could be pretty cool...

lippidp says:

My experience has been that the shorter the message or command is the more reliable the result is.

rcciren says:

This is exactly my experience too. It works extremely sporadically. I have a very neutral British accent so it shouldn't be a challenge but unless I'm in a quiet location like home, it rarely works. :-(

mjrtoo says:

I find its pretty good for launching apps, dialing calls, and Bing 'find'. But voice to text not so much, definitely the shorter the better. Hopefully it improves in WP8.

jjMustang says:

I had problems Sunday but okay since Sunday evening.

jjMustang says:

Btw, I think the noise cancelling mics in my AT&T Titan I cause recognition problems when driving.

rodneyej says:

Mine is working, but I have a interesting theory....

With the periodic problems we've been having with Bing search, voice to text, people hub lately,,, Is it possible that MS is testing these current services in connection with WP8? The fact that WP8 supposedly is running on a new Kernel may be making it so that MS has to take these services down in order to do testing periodically for the upcoming OS version. prototype WP8 devices may be what's causing our problems.. Cool!

lippidp says:

Wow, you are so positive!

Yeah same here on my Samsung focus flash on ATT In Michigan.

GKCarp says:

I have had problems all weekend here in the south Jersey area on my Titan (AT&T) although it seems to have been fixed after lunch today.

I've had problems the last two days, Dallas, Texas area.

WinFan1 says:

All good In boston

Sodapop14 says:

No problems here in Arizona. I am using the Arrive.

Face2000 says:

No problem here in Colorado go figure.

mjrtoo says:

Had issues since Sunday, but now working fine, quantum in MN running .8107.79.

psiu_glen says:

Had problems over WiFi with voice search, but it appeared to be related to me switching to OpenDNS and using some blocking here. SE Michigan.

All good now in SE michigan

psiu_glen says:

Seems to be up and running here in SE Michigan for me as well.

yeungl says:

Canada Toronto can't use

rodneyej says:

So, what's your theory??

tkahm says:

Having problems in IL, Chicagoland area. On my Titan with AT&T

Pappa Ed says:

Problems in Massachusetts too.

Yup, have major problem with voice commands on both HD7 and my dad's Radar 4G. In Los Angeles.

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