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Windows Phone wallpapers with that Metro look

Deviantart member CookieMonster21x has created two sets of Windows Phone lock wallpapers based on the metro look. The two designs come in the stock accent colors of your Windows Phones (blue, red, mango, green, magenta, purple, lime, teal, brown and pink).

Each zip file will contain all ten color patterns and I'm not sure if I like the conservative version or the more colorful version two. Feel free to share which you like the best in the comments section or share your personal wallpaper favorites in this WPCentral Forum discussion.

You can find the Metro Lock Wallpapers Version One (the black background) here and Version Two (the colorful backgrounds) here.

via: 1800pocketpc



There are 8 comments. Sign in to comment

parkerreno says:

To be honest it looks a little clutter for metro, but I will have to try it before I know for sure.

Nwright94 says:

Got the Mango colored conservative style. Looks great!

Oooh, wow those are nice!!!..hehe, thanks for posting

dgyte says:

I think the black background looks the better of the two.

tyrok says:

Pretty cool but I wish the red version was the same shade Verizon uses on the Trophy.

elcapo24682 says:

who cares? not me

elcapo24682 says:

look cool, I'll check them out.

1jaxstate1 says:

The black background should be made to be transparent. I'll fire up gimp and see if I can make this happen.