Windows Phone wins IDEA People's Choice Award and two others

We threw up a post not so long ago where fans of the Windows Phone platform could go through and vote for the team to win the IDEA: People's Choice Award. At the ceremony the WP team were celebrating with just not one award, but three. They acquired People's Choice, Best in Show and Interaction awards.

Thanking fans and voters alike over Twitter, the team have seen both investment and innovation of the Metro UI being paid off with implementation in Windows 8 and Xbox 360, as well as awareness by the industry for its simplicity.

Source: Twitter [@WPDesignTeam]



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Saljen says:

Wow,I definitely made my vote toward WP7 but I'm honestly a bit shocked that we won. There were some heavy hitters on that list.

adriel623 says:

I voted for WP7!

jubbing says:

Oh what as if.. I tipped you guys on this like 3 hours ago. So much for sourcing it :(

futurix says:

I didn't vote (don't like polls skewed by fan voting) - so I'm glad WP still won without me :-)

psychotron says:

I'm confused here. How does fan voting skew a People's Choice award? That's the whole point and why it is the only category open to vote by the public.

psychotron says:

Wow, that's awesome. It's not often you see an MS product get recognized for it's design.

wolf1891 says:

sweeeeeeet! =)

dtboos says:

Their design really is top notch. Here's to hoping they showcase that in their Mango commercials.

Vvillegas134 says:

haha i wanna see a troll squeeze thier two cents in this one :p

snowmutt says:

Good for those who voted. I am the resident cheerleader among my group of friends and family for WP, and this will give me some more ammunition. I am not anti- android or iOS or Blackberry, just pro-W7. So far, no one I know who has tried W7 has disliked it. Hopefully, these results back up that claim. Good vibes just in time for Mango Season!!!