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Microsoft takes the consumer side in new policy changes to address misleading apps

Microsoft takes the consumer side in new policy changes to banish misleading apps

Microsoft had recently undergone quite a bit of criticism recently for the inflated number of apps in the Windows Store, a few of which were confusing and misleading. Well, it seems that Microsoft has heard the moans of consumers and developers alike and the Windows-maker is addressing those...
lumia 635

T-Mobile Lumia 635 available for pre-order again on Microsoft Store site

The US Microsoft Store website is once again taking pre-orders for the T-Mobile Lumia 635, over a week after the site pulled its previous listing for the Windows Phone 8.1 device. Now that T-Mobile has confirmed it will start selling the phone next week, it looks like Microsoft is ready to let...

Microsoft launches official #wpdev Windows Phone 8 app for developers

The best thing about being a developer in the Microsoft technology ecosystem is the terrific support that the company offers to the developers. From dedicated forums and learning resources to public events, the community feeds off this support and grows further. Microsoft has just launched an...
Windows Phone 8.1

Low memory devices lead Windows Phone downloads, games are most popular category

Ready to find out how the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store are doing? Microsoft has just published a report showing trends for the two platforms. We learn a lot of interesting things in the post. For example, did you know that low-memory devices, like the Lumia 520, lead in app downloads?...
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Microsoft overhauls Windows 8.1 Store, makes finding things easier (and handsomer)

This morning, Microsoft is pushing out another serious update for Windows 8.1 consumers that will greatly improve the Store experience. Although the Store was redone for 8.1, there were still many refinements needed that were missed with the spring update a few weeks back. The updates...
Laser Dodger Review

Jump into a fast paced Tron styled arcade game with Laser Dodger for Windows 8

Sometimes, the most addicting apps are the simplest. Today’s review of Laser Dodger in the Windows Store, truly adopts that motto and runs with it. This arcade style game comes in at a super small 5.8MB when downloaded and is completely free for all to play.  There is no reason that you should...
Windows Phone Store

Microsoft unifies pricing tiers for universal Windows and Windows Phone apps

Back at Build 2014 (remember that, two weeks ago?), Microsoft announced their initiative to unify apps across their entire ecosystem. That way a developer could build an app once and deploy it to Windows Phone, Windows, and even Xbox. But to make that a reality there was some back-end...
Microsoft opening up Windows Store app development to Kinect for Windows

Microsoft opening up Windows Store app development to Kinect for Windows

The Kinect SDK is getting a welcome update that will enable developers to package their apps for the Windows Store. They’ll also be adding in support for the ever-popular Unity engine, improved accuracy, and the ability to run multiple Kinect apps simultaneously. We’ve already had a good look...
Magazine Apps for Windows 8

Start flipping pages with our top magazine apps for Windows 8/RT

When you pick up a tablet for multi-media consumption, it may be a safe bet that a good magazine app will be on your Start Screen. From our forums, Windows Phone Central member rkeenan wants to know your suggestions for a good magazine application for his Windows RT tablet. In addition to...

Top Reddit apps for Windows 8, the narwhal bacons at midnight

Reddit ( likes to call itself the 'front page of the internet'; it is a place where anyone on the World Wide Web can gather together to share content. The content is sorted into various “Subreddits” and then is voted upon by “up” or “down” buttons. Essentially, Reddit is an online...