Windows will support Xbox One controller 'very soon'

Xbox One controller

Folks looking forward to using their Xbox One controllers to play games on Windows might soon be in for a treat. In a post over on the NeoGAF forum, Xbox's Larry Hryb – or Major Nelson as we often know him – said that Windows drivers for the controller will be released "very soon."

Microsoft first promised support last year and there's no doubts a lot of gamers out there eager to use their Xbox One controllers this way. And why not, it's a great controller. All we need now are those drivers, so we'll be sitting, waiting. Patiently. Maybe.

Source: NeoGAF via Polygon



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topleya says:

Finally, cant wait to reduce the amount of controllers I have

coip says:

How does this work if I have my Xbox One and my PC in the same room? Right now the controller automatically connects to my Xbox One, but what if I connect it to PC? Would it then lose connectability to my X1? How to switch back and forth? This is assuming that the PC allows for wireless connectivity too.

jibreezy1982 says:

Ain't no controller like a PS controller!!

coip says:

Gross. No thanks. The Dual Shock's ergonomic design is crap, and it has been that way since 1995 because Sony sucks an innovating. The Xbox One controller is the best I've ever used.

jibreezy1982 says:

That's what makes it the best, it's been that way since o.g PlayStation, no need to change something that's perfect

coip says:

It has never been the best controller because the ergonomics have always sucked.

Saturn controller > PS1 controller

Dreamcast controller > PS2 controller

Xbox 360 controller > PS3 controller

Xbox One controller > PS4 controller

jibreezy1982 says:

To each his own homie... For me.. PlayStation all day everyday..

onlysublime says:

I'm assuming they're supporting connection to PC via the USB port.

the same way that you can play on the Xbox One via USB and avoid batteries altogether.

coip says:

I hope they keep it wireless. Cords are anathema. Batteries aren't an issue when you get rechargeable ones.

DennisvdG says:

WP too please, or at least give WP 360 controller support!

Trench Mouth says:

Yes, be nice if the article clarified which Windows, though we can presume it is the computer/laptop version.

Really hoping for OTG support for WP/L1520 for mouse/keyboard..maybe controller?

Be real nice for Bluetooth mouse/keyboard support.

Hope heaped on hope, the life of a WP fan.

When you think about it though, its like really! This day and age - still missing these common features!

With Surface Pro 3 Microsoft has shown they can do something decent, even above the competition, so here's more hope WP will come into its own now that MS has full on control.

ed1444 says:

thatd be pretty cool

rendell ray says:

This^ WP OTG support for controller.

EffEll80 says:

When will the gameshub support Xbox One achievement's?

Probably never. Seems like they don't care its been months

Viipottaja says:

Months? From what? WP8.1 developer release? Just over one month.

DennisvdG says:

I think he means months since the xbox one released

Yep that was what i was talking about that it should of been there since the one released including the windows 8 hub as well

peterfares says:

They don't even show on xbox.com

jayrod213 says:

You can see all of your achievements and game videos on Smartglass for Xbox One.

Yes, but the games hub on 8.1 should be updated to support the Xbox one better...

gleneston says:

Microsoft has such a huge opportunity with Xbox integration. They really need to get their shit together.

Indeed they do huge possibilities but nope they sit on their arse and do nothing

Why have two apps when I can have it all in one place

morbility says:

I hope any dongle they release is more discrete than the 360 controller's receiver.

haleme says:

I hope there is no more dongle needed for the XBox One. I never understood why the 360 controller needed a 4.5' cord and Zune HD sized receiver.

RoboLoftie says:

My receiver is about the same size as the battery pack in the controller itself :S

ncxcstud says:

Its because the 360 used a proprietary wireless signal. It wasn't Bluetooth. Without it you wouldn't be able to connect the 360 controller at all.

haleme says:

I should have used the sarcastic tag. I am aware of how the controller communicates, I think the design of the dongle was horrible. All of Microsoft's mice and keyboards use these tiny nano dongles, but the 360 controller looked like it was using an IR receiver from the early 00s. It makes the 360 controller a terrible travel companion for my Surface.

Which is why I would get the wired controller to plug in.

Well, I'd do it because of the huge battery hog the 360's wireless receiver was. It made your 360's controller life go to crap, from what I read. I always went wired because of those stories, and the simple fact my desktop was right next to my bed, so the wired solution was no inconvenience...and it was about $30-40 cheaper.

peterfares says:

There were murmors that the XB1 controller uses Wi-Fi direct but I think they eventually said it was proprietary. That would have been awesome since it wouldn't have required any dongle at all!

If it requries a dongle for wireless then they need to make one of those nano dongles that most peripherals use now. Include an extension cord with it in case you need to place it somewhere else. 

Hopefully they even support wireless in the first place. It's possible they might support only USB connection since the XB1 controller now transmits data over the USB port if it's plugged in unlike the 360 wireless controller. 

I remember reading an article a few months back specifying it was using white-fi IEEE 802.11af

Shadow 024 says:

Fairly certain the solution will be over USB only. I'll be surprised if they release a wireless dongle (at least any time soon).

asylumxl says:

I'm satisfied with my 360 controller on Windows tbh.

jayrod213 says:

I have an Afterglow 360 controller. It's so damn annoying. I wish there was a switch to turn off the lights. The Xbox One controller support can't come soon enough. The question is will it support wireless or just a wired connection?

Ed Boland says:

I have an Afterglow 360 as well... The switch is on the back of it ...a little black button... To turn off the lights..

peterfares says:

Wow that thing looks like it's straight out of the 90's. I thought we stopped doing clear electronics housings?

We have to buy a new wireless receiver

ed1444 says:

I wouldn't mind that

drlemmy says:

WP support would be great!

lukebrady81 says:

The picture in the title is showing a windows phone and Xbox One controller ? Will this ever become a reality? Will you be able to use an Xbox controller with windows phone the same way Sony phones do with a playstation 3 controller on android?

lukebrady81 says:

Yep they do. You can use a ps3 controller with Sony phones on android now

Any Android will work actually. The benefit of have such an open OS

lukebrady81 says:

Of course it can be done with any android phone but Sony actually have a setting on the phone to easily pair with the DualShock 3 PS3 controller..... I see absolutely no reason why this cannot be done on Windows Phone with an Xbox controller.

Just a matter of when :)

lukebrady81 says:

Lets wish. I really hope it happenes sooooon

K_lando says:

I believe Microsoft has adopted that as their official slogan... Including the smiley face

Shadow 024 says:

If you REALLY didn't know why... The PS3 uses bluetooth while the Xbox controllers (both 360 and One) use their own proprietary wireless signal that other devices do not have receivers for. They use their own signal because (as they say) it reduces the input lag and interference while also increases the strength and range of the signal. On Windows (both 8 and RT) the solution will be over USB only unless they release a dongle. Don't expect it any time soon for Windows Phone. However, you can already buy controllers for Windows Phones, such as the MOGA.

Trench Mouth says:

I have an Xperia S Tablet, I know its not a phone, but it works nicely. Also, if you use an emulator and map the gamepad for games without controller support, works pretty good.

S Vaibhav says:

Hi! How was JEE advanced? Did it go well? :)

Just saying, but I've like many already seen the click on attachment for WP. I love my job. ;) but the pic shows, Titanfall on the phone. It's just a theme thing.

Sunofabob says:

+1 I love Titanfall. My favorite game right now.

WPC App via Nexus 5.

Ed Boland says:

Indeed! I have fun using my Xbox 360 controller with my Surface 2 (RT) plugs right into the USB 3.0 port and works perfect with Halo spartain assault, GTA san andreas, Rayman, and a few others..
And yes, I also use the same 360 controller with my desktop gaming PC.

IAm_Malc says:

I'm looking at the picture and wondering if it'll ever happen anytime in the future ( ._.)

Jas00555 says:

No "thanks for the tip"? :/

I tipped them after you told me on the forums. So you deserve that tip more than me. :P

felickz says:

Windows phone????

Jonas Lee says:

what does "very soon" mean? In two months:D

TremblayMax says:

I really hope a Windows RT support too :D

Ed Boland says:

360 controller has RT support... my afterglow 360 controller works perfectly with my Surface 2 RT

Shadow 024 says:

The only reason I wouldn't expect it to support RT is if the driver needs to be downloaded and installed. Hopefully they release it as an install through Windows Update soon after if not right away.

Cruncher04 says:

You can download and install software and drivers on RT. They just require a Microsoft signature.

So it is possible for Microsoft to distribute the driver via download.

dagrepont says:

$5 says that the "very soon" is E3.

kaio17 says:

Its funny because my ps4 controller works fine with my Windows 8

kaio17 says:

Just plug with a usb cable

ncxcstud says:

Don't you have to manually map controls to each game though right? Isn't a generic driver that it uses?

kaio17 says:

It dont use a drive, just plug a usb cable and its done :)

_Emi_ says:

and there is a non official xbox one driver... so what? I can use a 360 controller that wouldn't have much advantage over xbox one with a non official driver....
but congratulations for your worthless comment.

kaio17 says:

Why its worthless? And did i mention that you cant play with a 360 controller? I just said its funny The ps4 controller works ( The ps3 dont work for example ) i mean, some guys over here are so fanboys that they almost explode in hate just because they read the word "ps4"

ed1444 says:

yeah but xbox controls are better

kaio17 says:

Both The ps4 and The x box one are good

majohnny says:

Will built in controller support stay one of my dreams forever?

jfivieght says:

Awww yeah, about to be codNapped

errole says:

I wonder if RT will be supported?

Ed Boland says:

I hope so... would love to have that Titanfall edition controller plugged into my Surface 2 RT

DavidinCT says:

Wiresd it just needs a driver, that is the holdup....you can take a Xbox one controller with a microusb cable and connect it to a PC, it will fi d it but no driver found.

This should be a fairly easy thing for MS, this should of been done months ago

No prob on PC, I just use 360 controller or a Ps3 controller with mij, but I see the phone in the background. Does that mean it will sync with Windows phone?

eddieDOTexe says:

Sooo will this work with the current 360 wireless dongle? Or will there be a new one sold for it?

Sunofabob says:

So are we saying have better controls over the system like with smart glass being so limited? Or full support meaning I can use this as a controller without smart glass? It sounds cool if I can use it without smart glass but other than that, this is pointless IMO.

WPC App via Nexus 5.

Sonicbeef says:

Please do it! Do it! Do it!

Will it be over Bluetooth or require a dongle?

ed1444 says:


Ejay Lozano says:

If I didn't get a moga controller, I'd wait for this...

devrindare says:

waiting a long time since XBOX One is revealed. I really want XBOX One controller for my PC gaming, even though my XBOX 360 controller is doing great.

busyman96 says:

I'm not so certain. It wouldn't explain why it's taking so long.

JimmyRespawn says:

How soon is very soon. Using ps3 controller right now. And not big fan of it.

travisel says:

Windows 8.2 / Windows Phone 8.2 November 2014

I really want to get back into Batman Arkham City on PC and I'm waiting until I can use the One controller.