Xbox LIVE for mobile!

Age of Empires: Castle Siege now available for Phone and PC

General Accessories

Daily Deal: Incipio NGP Case for Nokia Lumia 1520

New Windows updates every week?

Microsoft could update Windows much faster in the future

Cool change for developers

No more yearly renewal period for dev accounts

Moar 4G

EE refreshes SIM-only plans

A cell tower in your home

T-Mobile Personal CellSpot now available

Make 3D printed objects without a printer

Windows 8.1 3D Builder app updated with lots of new features

myAppFree Deals

Sky Patrol is this week's myAppFree deal!

All aboard!

Microsoft welcomes new board members from Visa, Kraft

Main event of the evening

UFC bringing app with Fight Pass support to Xbox One

It Could Be You!

The winners in our 15 Years of Mobile Nations contest!

How To

How to use Windows Phone to download games to your Xbox One

Stand by for round two

Second wave of Microsoft job cuts could hit next week

Two updates in one?

O2 Germany may merge Lumia and Cyan updates

For iOS and Android too

Microsoft has a new Windows-friendly Bluetooth keyboard

Students and professionals rejoice!

Office Lens can now save photos as Word or PowerPoint files

Play PC games with an Xbox One gamepad

Xbox One wired controller for Windows announced

First non-Nokia Windows Phone in Brazil

BLU Windows Phone to make debut in Brazil

Freebies for Xbox gamers

Halo: Reach for Xbox 360 free and Forza Horizon 2 demo

General Accessories

Daily Deal: Incipio Feather Snap-On Case for Lumia Icon

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WMExperts Podcast Episode 81

The third annual Smartphone Round Robin is under way, and Dieter joins Malatesta and Phil to kick things off. Also, some HD2 news, Skyfire's updated, and a big bonus at the end.

Top o' the news

Hardware news

Software news

Microsoft news


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Reader comments

WMExperts Podcast Episode 81


I never thought my joke about the Malware would actually make it to the podcast. hahaha. That's awesome. You should totally use it Mal.

Just to re-iterate my previous rant, the 600 MHZ Qualcomm MSM7227 in the HTC 2010 leak is not a new architecture. It uses the same CPU architecture as the OLD and hated MSM7200, just clocked a little bit faster. According to Qualcomm, this chip was designed for low-end smartphones.

HTC if these leaks are correct and you don't have better WinMo handsets (Cortex-A8 or equiv) for 1H10, SHAME ON YOU!