WMW? XYY, the latest Windows Phone 8 game from Disney


WMW? XYY is the latest installment with Disney’s Where’s My Water? series of Windows Phone games. WMW? XYY features Chinese TV cartoon character XYY on an epic adventure through China to save his friends trapped in an underground city and defeat the Big Bad Wolf.

The physics game plays much like the previous versions of Where’s My Water? with new fire and oil mechanics. WMW? XYY may have an odd gaming title but it makes a nice first impression.


Game play includes over eighty levels of play with both Weslie the sheep and Wolfie the Big Bad Wolf featured. You route oil, water, fire and other elements through a maze of pipes and obstacles to supply your gaming character.

Along the way there are ancient collectible to discover that will unlock bonus puzzles and a few power-ups to help your character tackle the more difficult levels.

WMW? XYY starts out slow but quickly becomes a challenging game for your Windows Phone 8 gaming library. The most obvious downside to WMW? XYY is the lack of a trial version.

The full version is currently running $.99 and is available for all Windows Phone 8 devices. You can find your copy of WMW? XYY here in the Windows Phone Store. There is also a Windows 8 version of WMW? XYY that is running $4.99 (no trial version either). You can find the Windows 8 version of WMW? XYY here in the Windows Store.

Thanks, Mohamed, for the tip!




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Not available for my HTC 8X

Talk4Lig says:

Cool that disney supports windows phone that much :)

Jaskys says:

No trial, no buy
Remember guys

salazka says:

Why do you need a trial version for a game that you already know the mechanics as well as the production values of the company and it is so cheap? (professional interest) It just gives more!

Also... what Dk92 said.

ninny1176 says:

It's always nice to see a company like Disney get on board with stuff for WP8 -- but it would be even better to see the kids apps that Disney has make thier way over. So much so, that what they give away on iJunk I'd gladly pay for on WP/8.

nMIK-3 says:

Another great Disney game without supporting Xbox.
I personally and generaly buy quality games I like frequent, but I have a personal rule of not paying a single penny for a non-Xbox games, either for Windows or Windows Phone, until the developers fully deliver.

flibblesan says:

Why does it matter if the game has Xbox branding or not?

Aashish13 says:

Thank you Disney. The reason is no 512 MB ram shit

Aashish13 says:

Any idea on quiz up coming to windows phone? Anyone?

iAdrian23 says:

There was an game QuizOn or smth like that whose beta should have started... months ago.

Oh well... :(

yeoldgreat1 says:

I really enjoyed this series of games but the lag on WMW2 has really put me off future versions. If anyone has paid for it I'd love to know if they've improved the experience.

JamesWoods98 says:

Not available on Lumia 920 in the UK? I have the 8.1 developer preview

salazka says:

Works fine here in another European country on L920 and 8.1 installed. I got it by using the wpc app link.

nithin r says:

always Same concept...- _-'

Reach4zasky says:

Why is it that you need Wi-Fi to download anything above 20 Mb now after the update. Before 8.1 it was a 100mb.

salazka says:

100MB is too much for some countries especially in Europe.  The average mobile package in many countries gives you no more than 500MB per month to download!!!!  So you understand that 100MB would be too much!

All Disney games are almost the same. Disney, you are so famous with mickey mouse & Co., you destroyed Lucas Arts, and the projects about smartphones and tablets are these stupid copies of the same game???

salazka says:

All haters online are almost the same, they generalise and make inaccurate statements against big companies in order to feel important...

TonyDedrick says:

They destroyed LucasArts? How could they when they haven't released anything meaningful from the catalogue yet?

joe_easton says:

No unifed app?  Buy on Win8 and use on all Win devices?

WhippedKream says:

If it don't got that signnn, then I ain't gonna waste my timeeee

Taulanti says:

I can't download it on my lumia 920

rodrione says:

Not supported for lumia 1020?