Madden and Destiny launch events at local Microsoft Stores

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Microsoft Store allegedly coming to New York City

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New Microsoft Store locations revealead

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Microsoft to keep adding retail store locations even with restructuring


Destiny beta event to be held at Microsoft's San Diego store Wednesday

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Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 now available from the Microsoft Store, supports LTE on T-Mobile

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Microsoft will open its 100th retail store Saturday ... sort of

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Microsoft won't charge people who pre-ordered Lumia 635 from its store site


Microsoft will give you $650 to trade your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3


Surface Pro 3 128 GB ship date pushed back by 10 days for new orders


Microsoft US cuts pricing of its Surface Pro 2 range of tablets by up to $200


Surface Pro 3 launch events to be held June 20 at Microsoft Store locations

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You can now buy a Windows Phone at Microsoft's UK store

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This is where Microsoft Specialty Stores are opening this week in the US

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Your local Microsoft Store just picked up the ultimate gaming laptop, the new Razer Blade


Hands on with Wordament Snap Attack for Windows Phone


Wordament sequel 'Snap Attack' reportedly dropping for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 tomorrow


Win a free Windows Phone at your local Microsoft Store this weekend

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Microsoft Store offering 10% + $100 off the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 LTE for education customers

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Eleven new Microsoft Specialty Stores opening next month in the United States

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The Wordament Tournament is now live at the Bellevue, WA Microsoft Store

Wordament Tournament

The popular word game Wordament went to full Xbox LIVE status this week and in our previous story on the brain straining game we mentioned how Microsoft would be promoting the app with a Wordament Tournament.

Happening right now at the Bellevue, WA Microsoft store, there's quite a crowd there evidently getting into the game. With food, giveaways and prizes (no human sacrifices though), it looks to be a fun time and a great celebration for a unique Windows Phone experience.

If you're there, send us some more pics and we'll throw 'em in this post. Also leave some comments based on what you've experienced . Pick up the free game here in the Marketplace, if you haven't already.

Update: "Here is a picture of WicketEwok in the left and DiscoPigeon on the right, two of the top players going head to head."  Thanks, Dustin S., for the photos!

Wordament Tournament



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smoledman says:

Anything that helps generate buzz for Windows Phone is a good thing!

heena jain says:

The most popular word game Wordament visited full Xbox 360 LIVE status now as well as in our previous story around the brain pushing game we pointed out how Microsoft could be marketing the application having a Wordament Tournament.
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kidjenius says:

aw man, i live just above the border. sucks to live so close but not close enough

purevibz says:

That's why there's over 900 people per round :-)

columnbreak says:

It was lots of fun. Great energy, too. I was in line right outside the entrance and at least three people asked "What's going on?" and the folks in line all gave wonderful explanations, mentioning Wordament and Windows Phone. I lost in the first round but got a t-shirt, frisbee, and some good snacks. :D

bzibricky says:

Is there any chance of the Wordament tournament traveling to other MS stores?  Specifically Oakbrok IL?  I hope so because it's just about my favorite game ever.

EJNelly says:

Dear Microsoft,
Please bring one of your stores with thos to Roseville, California.

MoJo_Jo_Jo says:

Me and the girlfriend r going through battles with the games..

kidjenius says:

is that a kid on the right...

Dusteater says:

Yes, I was quite surprised, but saw it with my own eyes. He is a master, and also uses the thumb method.

valapsp says:

This game is damn hard. (Of course for those that English is not their native language.)

jdep1 says:

Love the game. Addictive!

mythos13 says:

Wow, so DiscoPigeon is a kid! He's amazing.

gtbuzz says:

Wow. I wouldn't have thunk it. I consistently see him at the top of the leaderboards. Congrats to him, but makes me feel bad about myself!

TheDarKnight says:

This game is addiction it self!

ahabenezer says:

I love this game! I wish they'd give an option to purchase it for $.99 and get rid of the ads. 

ChanceW says:

That kid is one of the top players?! Now if that doesn't make me feel like an idiot that failed English, I don't know what would. 

ejlee072006 says:

Is wordnament exclusive to wp7s???

Yes. And Windows 8 soon.