Wordament update being pushed through the Marketplace

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Yesterday we covered the news of an impending Wordament update, which would feature a number of improvements and completed requests from players. Today we're pleased to announce that the update is live and should be hitting your Windows Phone shortly. The popular multiplayer word game was Live-enabled earlier this year, and remains a top free title.

Quick recap of what's included in version 1.1:

  • System tray enabled
  • Theme switcher
  • More user-friendly error reporting
  • Connectivity improvements

Looking to the future, the developer is set to release and maintain the title on upcoming Windows 8. You can download Wordament from the Marketplace for free. Thanks, everyone, for the heads up!

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ousooner314 says:

Nice!! I just wish they would somehow make it work without having to enable the setting "Connect with Xbox LIVE". I don't care for that section, and it's the only game that requires it turned on.

razzelbazzel says:

Got update! Fantastic game!!

_Haitian says:

Annoying to see the ads while playing the game now. I'd pay to get it off if possible.

Banstyle says:

Yup they are more graphically intense and take longer to load, which lags the game.

It sucks that they force us to download the update or else we cant play.

cliff08er says:

Received the Notification this morning and installed the update.

gorebashd says:

Installed update this morning

jedijaxpavan says:

I got my update around 5:30 last night. Guess it was early

TheNygardian says:

I too received the update last night. I really like the new tile. It matches my home screen much better.

caliborn says:

Note to Rich Edmonds:  It's Version 2.1 not 1.1

Does anyone no when this will return to windows 8? I miss it.

Rockartisten says:

All it says for now is "coming soon".

devchimp says:

How do you change the theme?

Aldoron says:

I is addicted to dis game xD