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Wordemic, speed scrabble online from your Windows Phone


Wordemic is a word game for your Windows Phone that is played like scrabble but you compete online against others much like you do with Wordament.

You build as many words as possible in scrabble fashion before the clock strikes zero. You then get to see how your score compares to others who are playing with the same letter sets. Wordemic starts out slow but quickly grows on you. It's a fun way to pass the time with.

When you first launch Wordemic, you have to set up your screen name (just tap the link at the bottom of the screen) and once set, tap play to jump into the game.


Wordemic's game screen has your letter collection at the bottom of the screen, your timer in the upper center and your score in the upper right. You have two gaming controls just above the letter selection. The down arrow returns all the tiles off the game board and the check mark validates the words in play and refreshes your letter bin.

Game play is simple in that you drag your first letter to the "X" box on the game board and drag additional letters to create your first word. You then build other words off the first word to score as many points as possible before the clock hits zero. The playing board is touch navigable so you can move about as your word collection grows in size.

At the end of the two minutes, your score summary will appear showing the highest point word, longest word, etc. and your ranking amongst other players. You don't have the level of gamer stats Wordament offers (hopefully that'll change) but you get a feel for how your word skills compare to others.

I could only find one downside to Wordemic, a lack of competition. Granted the game is new but I played several games with no competing scores to measure up against. Hopefully as Windows Phone users become aware of Wordemic, this will change because it's a fun word game.

Wordemic is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Wordemic




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Xaphoon148 says:

Something like Wordfeud??

think the point is unlike wordfeud and alphajax you're not playing against someone else one-on-one. rather, its single player but timed and you're competing with everyone else to see who can get the most points each round

Xaphoon148 says:

Ok, thanks :)

HaibaneReki says:

a non Xbox wordament then? Meh.. ^_^ (Yes I know it's a little different) ;)

Not at all. It's more like the Scrabble-like alternative to Wordament's Boggle-like gameplay.

Exactly this. It's more scrabble/bananagrams than boggle. Both use words and a board but very different gameplay mechanics. Thanks keith!

justmoe40 says:

Would prefer the actual scrabble game

I really wish some of these games would come with an offline mode. Sometimes I just want to play Wordament when I've got a spare minute or two and I find myself waiting 30 seconds or more for a game to start.
I love online multiplayer but sometimes I'd appreciate being able to play a game on my own terms.

The developer's already said he plans to implement an offline mode, as well as a mode to individually challenge others.

In the works. Thanks for your feedback!

DaveGx says:

These word games must be the easier apps to make, like weather ones. Seems to be alot of them in the store

IamHappyDog says:

The game is fun, glad to see it is getting some deserved attention!
Awesome review George, Thanks!

Thanks HAPPY DOG!  "Move It Like You Meme It" is also quite a fun game so I bought it!

Thank you so much George for the review, You just made my day!
Hey everyone I am the creater of Wordemic. I just wanted to let you know that everything you want is being listened to! I plan to make this game as awesome as i can for you all. The next update changes the home screen and adds a Leaderboard. 
I wanted to let everyone know what the current release plan is.
* Leaderboards(Pending release now)
* Achievements(Next major update)
* Personal Bests(Next major update)
* Challenge friends a game with any time limit they specify(TBD).
* Theming(TBD)
* Offline mode(TBD)
* Sound/Music(TBD)
* Paid Version with Ad's Removed(TBD)
I have gotten several requests for a Single Player Version so I will be working on that to get to you guys as soon as possible.   This is the new Title screen with the leaderboard I took for the current release a few days ago. (waiting to be certified)
Oh boy you guys have been getting some really high scores lately!  The current top scores are being held by lil frier with 295 points and corinalbria with 290. So good luck on beating those and ill see you in the game!