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Microsoft shopping around for a new global advertising campaign to focus on One strategy


Microsoft may be shopping your Xbox Live data for targeted political ads

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Microsoft leverages YouTube content creators for Xbox One praise

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Microsoft wants you to show your distain for Google – starts selling Scroogled products

Developers launches advertising SDK for Windows Phone; announces $100,000 challenge on DVLUP

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Microsoft clicks in a massive Surface tablet in London

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Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign is a hit – according to 3rd party research


Google releases AdMob SDK beta for Windows Phone 8

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Entertainment Tonight’s Rocsi snaps the stars with a Lumia 1020 at the VMAs

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Microsoft aggressively marketing Nokia's Lumia 920 in Brazil

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Nokia releases Lumia 625 marketing video to show off the most affordable 4G Windows Phone

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Gorgeous surfer uses both Windows Phone and Surface in new provocative ad

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Microsoft launches new advertising strategy – you might just click on it


Advertising network AdDuplex raises $500,000 in capital for Windows Phone developers

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Windows Phone advertisements pop up at AMC theaters and gives your popcorn bag a makeover


AdDuplex crosses 3,000 active app marker, celebrates with advertising discount

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Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 camera outed by ads: PureView, OIS, Carl Zeiss all along for the ride

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Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 advertisement spotted on billboard?

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Instagram spotted in Windows Phone advertisement, soon to be available? Probably not.

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AdSense users now have a Windows Phone app to check their shillings

WP Adsense

Google and Microsoft do not get along when it comes to both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Luckily for tablet and PC users, there are numerous ways to access Google services, but if you're using a Windows Phone there have been issues in the past that hamper the user experience.

The same goes for AdSense (, Google’s advertising network for webmasters and content creators. Unfortunately, the company has yet to release an official app for the mobile platform but Windows Phone has some talented third party developers. Cue WP Adsense.

WP Adsense, as is rather obvious with the name, is an unofficial Google AdSense client for Windows Phone. Should you have a Google account with online properties (websites) and advertisements you can monitor site performance while on the move.

It’s worth pointing out that this is an early release and as such functionality is rather limited. That said, you’re able to login with your Google Account, view performance, earnings and other data. We can see room for improvement and bags of potential with more in-depth graphs, possible Analytics integration and more.

WP Adsense App

WP Adsense makes it possible for you to view daily and monthly AdSense earnings with Click Through Rate (CTR), Impressions Per Thousand (RPM), Cost Per Click (CPC) and page views for each specific property. Here are some highlighted app features: 

  • One Time Login using OAuth2 Secure Authentication
  • Auto Refresh every 5 minutes (If the app is left open)
  • Option to sign out
  • Shows Today's, Yesterday's and This Month details
  • Lightweight and fast

As noted above, this is an early release and there are some features not yet available. This includes Live Tile support, which is stated to be coming in future updates. We’re impressed by what the developer has been able to include thus far (it's a start) and are excited to see how this unofficial solution improves.

Please note that this isn’t a Google developed app. You’re connecting to the AdSense service through third party software. We’ve experienced no issues using WP Adsense, but should you wear a tin foil hat, you may wish to avoid.

You can download WP Adsense from the Windows Phone Store for free (ad-supported).

QR: WP Adsense



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TLRtheory says:

Had this for a while

Come on Google, you have to put your apps on wp platform. At least chrome and YouTube apps would be great .
An overwhelming majority of Google users still access the services from windows pc.

Chome isn't that amazing to have on WP, but we at least need official YouTube, even though we have amazing 3rd party apps.

I don't need any google apps on wp. Atleast for privacy reason. I don't want to be scroogled. Hopefully with wp 8.1 one can watch youtube videos with breeze in ie 11.

They probably will in 8.1 I think cause hearing the details about all the incoming features and improvements makes windows phone 8 sound ancient lol but we had a good one that they blocked!

doeboiO says:

Whoa! I don't even use chrome on my pc, no thanks, I'm not getting scroogled... Bring on YouTube

j_the_geek says:

I'd like to see a PubCenter/Microsoft Advertising app too, would go well with the Dev Center app

Niavlys77 says:

Yeah, definitely could use a PubCenter app too.

ducttape36 says:

This is a bit of a tangent, but has anyone noticed terrible fill rates for ads through pubcenter? im lucky if i can break 15% on my apps...

ipinsao says:

Bing should have their own adsense alternative.another simple reason they cant compete hard enough.