WP7 app impresions up 92% says Millennial Media

No matter how you look at things, it's been a good year for Windows Phone so far. When we talk about CTR (Click Through Rate) and advertising, it's no different and the sun continues to shine. We previously covered Smaato finding advertisements displayed in apps on WP7 outperformed other platforms (iOS and Android especially) with CTR, leading to more potential revenue for developers.

Now Millennial, another advertising firm, has released information (pretty graphs and charts) detailing the number of impressions smartphone operating systems are accumulating through app use. Windows Phone is trailing the competition at 1%, Symbian is at 2%, RIM at 17%, iOS at 27% and Android taking the largest slice of pie at 53%. While this isn't a bright picture for WP7, Millennial states that our platform has increased the number of ad impressions from April to May by 92%. Quite an increase I must say.

Source: Millennial, via: WirelessWeek



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Solidstate89 says:

So it increased from basically nothing to 1% assuming I still remember basic math from elementary school correctly.

Rich Edmonds says:

Not necessarily, they would be counting number of impressions as opposed to percentage. We could have been at 1% last month but during May we accumulated a 92% increase in the number of impressions.

selfcreation says:

i dont get it , lol is this a good thing for wp7? or a bad thing..