WP7 copy & paste "...available as an update in a matter of weeks (early 2011)"

While we knew that copy and paste is coming to Windows Phone in the first half of 2011, no other specific time frame was given although there is a rumor of a January update, which now seems to be accurate. Arpan Shah, a Director at Microsoft who leads Product Management for Microsoft Project, mentioned in passing about when we can expect that update:

Critics have commented on the lack of specific features like copy & paste and lack of 100s of thousands of applications. And while both are true, copy & paste will be available as an update in a matter of weeks (early 2011) and as for applications, it’s just a matter of time.

While not written and stone and we're sure Microsoft would not want to publicly commit to such a timetable, we believe that this is probably quite accurate. If so, we can finally stop hearing about the lack of said feature as a knock against an otherwise fantastic v1.0 release. The rest of that January update is rumored to bring task-manager/hub mutlti-tasking, turn-by-turn directions, clipboard and Skydrive/OWA support.

Source: Arpan Shah's Blog



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GP07 says:

I can't wait to see a list of what they can add in this first update, should be very interesting.

federaly says:

The task-manager hub multi-tasking was a easy prediction and is what I only assumed they would have done. I think they should extend the hubs further. If there is a Music have a "tools hub" for you clocks/alarms/timers/calculators.

GP07 says:

They might let you make "hubs" in the same sense as they're folders.

Drewidian says:

Not to mention a News Reader HUB where you could aggregate all News feeds. I could see it now. Local News Papers, CNN, Fox News, NPR, RSS Feeds, etc all aggregated to the latest feed, with swipes to individual sources and categories. I was surprised that MS didn't setup that framework for this kind of text media. They did for Video and Music.

SelesGames says:

What you are talking about has already been built, it's called "Weave" and it is in the marketplace already! You can view a video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCYiduGJj_k

The direct link to buy it is on the facebook page here: http://on.fb.me/dn0ucL

benjitek says:

Multitasking Q3 of 2012... ;)

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