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WP7applist updated for Mango, still quite handy

WP7applist Dark theme

Our awesomely named fried Luigi Violin recently published a couple of updates for his WP7applist app. The first, version 1.3, added Mango support but had a few kinks which version 1.4 irons out.

WP7applist version 1.3 release notes:

  • Added Fast App Switching support
  • Graphical makeover
  • Improved UX
  • Infinite scrolling lists
  • Performance improvements

WP7applist version 1.4 release notes:

  • Revised graphics
  • Dark theme added
  • Various graphical improvements
  • Better ad placement
  • Fixed UI lagging introduced in v1.3

The new theme really does look much slicker and more in tune with the general Metro theme – just check out this comparison shot versus the original:

WP7applist Comparison

As for the ads, they appear at the top of the screen when browsing the app’s various subsections (Games, Price Drops, etc.) but not on the main menu. This keeps the main area attractive and clutter free – a nice compromise between the user experience and needs of the developer.

WP7applist is an incredibly useful tool for discovering new apps and games. You can quickly view price drops, apps gone free, the most popular apps in a variety of categories, and lots more. Each app page lists screenshots and user reviews - just like the real Marketplace browser, but much less cluttered. Other features include a Live tile that displays lots of useful marketplace information and the ability to browse Marketplaces from multiple regions.

WP7applist is free. Grab it here from the Marketplace.

QR: WP7applist



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Sieber101 says:

I prefer this app when looking for new updates, but the app miner app when looking for newly released apps since they are sorted by days instead of never-ending scrolling. I would prefer the option to shrink the size of the wp7applist down though as they are a tad too large for phones with smaller screens. Otherwise- great addition to an already great app. Thanks.

ejlee072006 says:

Nice update.. Installed it again..

jcaverns says:

I prefer AppFlow for browsing apps as it has *no* ads at all and has all the features of WP7Applist.

Danielpena says:

I think app flow looked nicer too maybe I'll download this again and see if thats still the case

markiz says:

Short from Luigi Mario, that ia na awesome name :)

eroldevon says:

I really like the update history feature.