WPCentral 138: Justin Angel, Tango & Mobile World Congress [Video]

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We're back this week with special guest, Nokia's Justin Angel who joins Editor-in-chief Daniel Rubino and developer Jay Bennett for an interesting and exciting discussion of Windows Phone "Tango" and what it means both for fragmentation, developers and consumers. What's more crazy than that? The fact that Justin called in via his Lumia 610 on Skype.

We also go through some news, apps and take your questions.

Listen in or watch the HD video after the break!

WPCentral Podcast 138 for March 14th, 2012 - LIVE with Special Guest: Justin Angel

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polychromenz says:

Hi guys I saw this on the post
Thanks to the WPCentral Store for sponsoring the podcast. Thanks also to these great artists for the music and to CCMixter.org for offering a great database of Creative Commons music!
But I think you said it was sponsored by Audible so maybe worth an update?

Jay Bennett says:

It's easy to lose track... But the audible deal is an audio-only one for now! Of course if people visit the link it will help us no end!

frylock says:

Considering that the WPCentral Store owns wpcentral, I think they get top billing. :)

polychromenz says:

OK thanks just thought if you upset the sponsors it might affect future deals :0 I'll visit that link the...

issieman says:

Just discovered that the cheapest Windows phone 7 with full 512mb /8GB board is the LG 906 for £140.00....

I hope Tango phones are way cheaper than £140.

In emerging markets were Blackberry rules the day, prices start at £90.00 for the cheapest Blackberry. Tango would have to compete at these prices.

Arun3 says:

Just saw/heard the podcast right now, as I was busy during the week. Great questions and clarifications on multitasking, among others for the new breed of "affordable" windows phones. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully you guys do this more often... And Daniel take care and get well soon....(ginger tea with honey helps reduce the cough..)