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Deal Alert: WPCentral app free for a limited time, celebrating 1 year on the marketplace

WP Central

On May 28th last year, following months of hard work, stress over designs and attempts to locate every possible bug, we released v1.1 of the WPCentral app into the marketplace (v1.0 was rejected due to some trademark issues). In no time at all, as a result of the incredible support of you, our readers, we were the number 1 paid app in the news & weather category.

Since then we've steadily released new updates, adding new features, refining the layout and of course listening to you, our trusted reader.

To celebrate our 1-year anniversary, we're happy to report that the WPCentral app is completely free for the next 24-hours (as opposed to the super-low $0.99 it normal fetches for). That's right, if you couldn't rationalize spending the dollar before for the app, your frugal-ness has paid off. Now you can unleash the whole app for $0 and lock that price in forever (depriving poor Jay of some hard-earned lager).

We just want to thank each and every one of you for your support over the last two-years (more so if you count WMExperts)--we really do appreciate it. And don't worry, we have a lot more coming your way both for the app and the site (cough, mid June, cough), so stay tuned and keep sending us your feedback.

Grab the official WPCentral App for free here in the Marketplace. Remember, this is only good for 24-hours starting now.

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procen says:

Happy anniversary, and thank you for your free apps.

Paul Acevedo says:

Jay does a fantastic job with this app. We're lucky to have him. :)

Yes. Without Jay, we would be screwed.

Bruno H says:

Thanks guys! I have already paid for my copy. But good for everyone who still have not got the app. Keep up the good work, this is my most used app!

Well said! I use mine 3 or 4 times a day and then checkout the web a few more. Best app hands down on WP7! Congrats guys and gals...if there are any lol

rutvik19 says:

Just goes to show how young WP OS really is and the amount of great potential it has. The first app I bought when I got my first WP was WPCentral.

davisorle says:

Woah thank you for the app unlock guys. Love the app and pays off checking it daily huh? =) keep up the great work!

We paid, we saw, we paid for their apps!

Paul Acevedo says:

Nice Ghostbusters 2 reference!

kidjenius says:

Happy anniversary!

justifyer says:

Thx!!! I was planning to buy when i get my credit cards.. And this came along.. Tq.. I guess there is perks for visiting every day..

zaidthunder1 says:

Thanks for the free app, and happy anniversary.

darais99 says:

This was the first app I bought on my focus

darais99 says:

Happy anniversary love this app

xmarklive says:

You guys should make other apps .....because the WP central is amazing

LawnPaul says:

I agree, this is one of the best apps I've seen across all platforms

xmarklive says:

Yes first app I purchase to I wish there were more apps that I want to spend money on.

3lackdeath says:

Happy Anniversary, thanks for providing the Holy Grail of freeness...

mogipogi says:

Thanks you for the free app! been here a lot lately. Was planning to buy the app soon. :D

albertico says:

Wow, just downloaded the app without even knowing it was free only for a limited time...talk about perfect timing =D

Ton77 says:

Happy anniversary WPCentral!

Jorba says:

Happy Birthday wpcentral app!
This is one of my most used apps.

RafRol says:

Count me in as another who's first purchase on a WP was the WPCentral App.

Kadcidxa says:

Happy anniversary! Thank you!

welsbloke says:

Happy birthday... Sorry canot talk to busy snagging freebies.

ananth_9106 says:

Happy anniversary :)
Thanks WP..its gr8 app!!

KustomAU says:

Happy Anniversary!! Let's hope this time next year we'll be wishing you happy 2nd from a WP8 devices :-)

koenshaku says:

This is a actually a very well polished app.

xs2k says:

Much better and smoother than wmpoweruser....well worth $1 anyways.....

Thank for the free app. 

Djole77 says:

Thanks guys awesome app

iamblob says:

Happy anniversary and thank you!

I bought this yesterday! Grrrrrrr!

thenet says:

Yes great app now I can view it using the app has I was viewing it on other apps

SaviorXX9 says:

I want my 99. back!!!!! :D Happy Anni!!!

pwachleman says:

The one app I look at daily! Thanks!

tds101 says:

Happy Anniversary!!!

kenzibit says:

Awww using the app to comment now. Thank you very much WPCentral and happy anniversary ;-)

ugursncr says:

Thanks! Happy anniversary

totallagness says:

Happy anniversary, you guys are awesome, keep it up :D

dante501 says:

Well that's a nice way to celebrate. I really like wpcentral. You guys do a great job like already precentral did. Just continue ur great work. And congrats to the one year.

fahdriyami says:

Happy anniversary! This is great! I couldn't buy it before because Microsoft won't let me change my Live ID region to link a credit card -.- Love the app, its very well done :)

snakechia says:

Happy Birthday!

johnblair7 says:

Thanks guys, a great app, even better for free.

kenceo1 says:

You guys rock! Enjoying the podcasts and now the free app.

justop26 says:

Happy anniversary and thanks for the gift! Que sean muchos años más :)

gorebashd says:

Happy anniversary!! I bought mine long ago. Best news app on market :) Keep up good work jay !!

marendra says:

Thanks for the free app. The app is very good sir

JimmyRespawn says:

Awesome app. Neat, fast, elegant.

Free is always good

TunisianBoy says:

Cool Just got it :)

I get it and it is pretty good. Giving you 5 star

Arun3 says:

This is the 1st app that I purchased on my first Windows phone (Lumia 900). Awesome app!!
Great work Jay Bennet, for an amazing app and keeping on top of things, constantly trying to make it even better.
Thanks guys, you all do a awesome job.

Sparxy19 says:

This is the best app I have. Congrats guys!

jamiefinney says:

Thanks for the freebie, always used weave before to read the RSS feed this will be great though.

Lx23 says:

Happy anniversary and thank you for the app

pinacolada says:

Happy anniversary guys!

Corepc says:

This site is the best, always givin away things to make WP7 that much better for us. Love the App now I do not have to use IE all the time.

theshadow03 says:

Thanks wpcentral team :)

EAA575 says:

You guys are so awesome.

irlju#WP says:

Jay, I feel there's no need to wrap it up in colourful language. This is all I have to say: you have created the best news app for Windows Phone. You're the only one who has been able to execute on background loading, a great live tile and a fantastic interface.

WinEXMan says:

Awesome always on my home screen

woodbane says:

My #1 go to app which I gladly paid 99c for and would have been happy to pay more. I use it several times a day, at least! Kudos to the team and to Jay for a remarkable app.

mtg1974 says:

Happy Anniversary! I would buy the app again if I could.

malachijd says:

Thanks Jay and wpcentral crew. This was the first app I paid for my verizon trophy. It was well worth the .99c and yes I to am one of the many people who woud have paid a lot more. I use it this app when I 1st get up and it's the last one I check at night. Sometimes it even wakes up but it still is my go to app no matter what. Can't wait to see what's coming next.

Gmotagi says:

Jay, please please please share with us the difference you get in downloads between the paid &free periods. (if you don't want to share numbers just a % would be really interesting) cheers.

Had the app for a while, its Awesome! Great app and Happy Anniversary!

ur2sweet says:

Congratulations of very successful 1yr..
Keep going.. :)

scottaii says:

Nice one guys, I really enjoy wpcentral, it has a place on my pinned apps.

But, please, pleeeeaase look over the grammar before you create a post, it just makes it look unprofessional.

Bushybro says:

Dude, really? We're celebrating here, come back tomorrow.

Z0HAN says:

Happy one year! Doing a great job, keep it up. :)

piaqt says:

Any way to add the forum to the app? Happy 1st.

This app was one of the first app I bought I love it and am happy u guys r giving back to ur readers the same people that support u guys day in n day out

Wishing you guys a happy 1 year and hope there will b billions more years to follow love this website and love the awesomeness of windows phone

AriesDog says:

Take a bow. Even forgetting about the subject, this is the best designed news app on the market today.

WP7_Genius says:

Happy 1 year hoorah

erzhik says:

This is one of those apps that you wouldn't regret spending even $5 on. Congrats on anniversary and keep up the great work.

Bizk1d1 says:

Excellent! Love Wpcentral! Its one of the pages i access everyday, along with Facebook, Twitter and my email. Thank you

Bushybro says:

Congrats guys, love the site and app. The only place I go for my WP news. Cheers!!!

KumarNix says:

Happy anniversary ^^

pressstart says:

Thumbs up! No regrets purchasing this app last year. No ads makes for less occasional ad loading lag.

silentshot says:

Happy Anniversary to you. I already have you as a paid app but not on my business phone. Now on both. Thanks.

alex6272 says:

Sweet, thanks!

halil55 says:

thanks guys!:)

manmeetvirdi says:

Happy anniversary and thanks for the free app.

weepatc says:

Happy Anniversary. I have had the app. since it was 1st introduced to the Marketplace. It is a beautifully designed & executed app. Well done Jay & the WPCentral team. Great site for all the latest Winphone info.

denzzo2002 says:

Happy bday WpCentral! Thanks

isi mcf says:

I've actually bought this app twice! I've got my cousin to finally get this app....of course at the free price

touchpad4760 says:

Thanks for making it free today!   And thanks for the great community here.
BUT - what kind of scanner do I need to be able to use that tag???   None of the 3 I have work (Red Laser, AT&T's, Esponce).
Thanks again.

noshiro21 says:

Ah come on!!! I just purchase it on Friday!!!

sicnus says:

Thank you for making the app free for the day, glad I didn't miss this!

sicnus says:

And happy birthday!

Horujan says:

Free is cool!

alexplayer says:

Free ? Meh, it shouldn't be. With the work that goes into this app, they deserve all the money they can get. Many wp7 users,like myself, would be lost without their daily reviews, news and shopping tips.Pay them MORE. P.S happy b'day to U all.

iggypop120 says:

Finally! My patience paid off.

siddharaj says:

Anybody can tell me plzz wer can i buy best skins for samsung omnia w

rockstarzzz says:

Does the app have forum support?

Thanks WPCentral, been using your app everyday for the latest news about Windows Phone...

Ray E. says:

Thank you WPCentral. Very useful app!

Happy birthday! Best news app in the marketplace. Cheers to many more years.

walter1832 says:

Cool, free is always good!

walter1832 says:

Being cheap pays off again. I've been waiting for it to hit 89¢.

kittshelby says:

A feature I really want to see in a future update is for the app to cache the comments as well.  Right now, only the article is cached for offline viewing, but even the WMPowerUser app already has this feature so that both the article and the comments are stored for offline viewing. 
I tried the "Save to Offline List" option of WPCentral, but don't get the point of it.  The app already caches all the loaded articles so what's the point of saving it?  And it doesn't even save the comments either.
Am I the only one who really wants this feature?

Jay Bennett says:

At the moment comments are not downloaded when the entire article list is to save on both bandwidth and processing time (100+ comments does take a little time to prepare). If we were to transfer comments at the same time as articles it would put additional load on the servers as well, considering users may never read the comments we decided it was an operation that could wait until a user taps the article in question. I will look at if it is possible to cache these comments some way, but it also means the size of the cache in memory will increase. All of this needs to be considered to keep the app as responsive as possible

MastrMeatWad says:

Just wanted to add how awesome the app is and hope to see more!

Shobiz says:

I go to the website everyday, so I wasn't really worried about getting the app. Now I should have paid for this app. Its excellent. Good job and Happy Birthday

_Haitian says:

Fantastic. Happy first year. Couldn't have been in the known without you guys. Best $0.99 I spent all year long :)

apRPhle says:

Great app! Keep up the good work!

waynejk says:

Y'all are well worth the $0.99 ! No problems here with paying for it! In fact, how can I give you more money? ;)

joshcsmith13 says:

aww man.... So, with yesterday being Memorial day in the USA, I didn't do my usual check of WPCentral, and now when I tried to access the link, it's back to $.99.  :(  (I've still got the free version, and it is still a great app.)

HD7guy says:

Crud, also missed it due to the holiday. Maybe next year. ;)

Captain666 says:

Been trying to download the app from the marketplace (UK) still showing as a paid app.  Been trying to download for 24hrs.  Been checking every hour. Looks like I'll stick with the free app which is still good.

DavidinCT says:

man, I check this site every day and the one day I dont. I miss out on this deal.... WTF..
Come on give it another day for us long time readers who just missed the holiday....

This was great news but why would you start off a 24 hour period on Memorial Day at 3:24 AM!!!