WPCentral is giving away a Windows Phone (Updated)

Okay... so here's the deal. We've got an AT&T HTC HD7S (see review) just itchin' to be given away. All you need to do to have a chance at winning this Windows Phone is to submit a video response to the above video over at our YouTube Channel. Just follow this link to submit your response.

The topic for the video response? Why should we consider you the biggest Windows Phone fan? What sets the Windows Phone apart from other systems? How does it make your life easier? Even if you don't have a Windows Phone yet, tell us how owning one would make your life easier.  Make your case in creative fashion such as creating your own Windows Phone commercial, submitting a testimony, or a music video.

Make it compelling, make it creative, and make it under three minutes. Only one entry per person and we'll give you until Wednesday, August 24th at 5:00pm EST to submit your entry. We will then take a few days to judge everything and pick three winners. The top video gets the HD7S, the first runner up gets a Qmadix Boost Pack and the third runner up get a $25 gift certificate to the WPCentral.com store.

So gather your thoughts, warm up you video camera and give it your best shot. WPCentral would like to extend our thanks to AT&T, the WPCentral Store and the fine folks at FH-Digital (thank you Jackie!) for making this contest possible.

Update: After much consideration, we're opening this up to everyone.  Just understand that this is a carrier locked phone and it will be up to the winner to have it unlocked.  We won't be able to provide any support for such a case.  Also, please remember we are asking for video responses, not written responses.  Good luck and we look forward to seeing how creative you guys and gals can be!



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astroXP says:

If only the AT&T version was an AMOLED! :( I think I'll enter the contest, though x))

Winterfang says:

My english is not where good enough for me to embarrassed myself making this video and not win anything.

Verkunder says:

Any way to make this work on a non-AT&T network?

davestone says:

I'm from Italy, but I do travel to the States twice a year, I have my parents there, it would be awesome to have a phone to bring with me to the U.S., and I'm actually struggling to partecipate.In the remote possibility that I'll Win, would you consider ship it to me or to my parents?Dave

selfcreation says:

can i WIn even if im in CANADA!!!! i dont care about the waived warranty and i can unlock it!!

mythos13 says:

You can currently buy the HD7S unlocked in Canada and I suspect many other countries so what restrictions?

selfcreation says:

cause its At&T phone .. and they are in the states. and Antenna technologies might change from company to company

mythos13 says:

It's no differnt than the HD7 and that is sold all over the world--I have one in Canada on Bell.

Hombaca05 says:

Will definitely enter! :-)

birdman_38 says:

I've activated a Telus smartphone on the SaskTel network and it worked fine. How bout a Canadian contest, eh?

After knocking around the idea further, we've lifted the restriction... check the update. Also, please remember we are looking for video responses, not written. Good luck everyone.

mythos13 says:

Well that was mighty nice of you--thanks.

jh20001 says:

Done! :)I posted my WPC username in the desc...same username on both sites anyways.