WPCentral Poll: Which WP7 device to you plan on buying Monday?

The time upon has nearly come, as less than 18hrs from now the first Windows Phone 7 devices go on sale here in the U.S. After standing on the sidelines for the last few weeks, we finally get to renew our contracts, sign new ones as well as fork over some cash.

The question is obvious: what are your plans this Monday?

We bet the Samsung Focus is the #1 choice, followed by the HD7 and finally the Surround (see our review). Too bad the LG Quantum and Dell Venue Pro can't make it to the party (well, you can order it online at least). Nor let us forget about the Sprint 7 Pro.

Take the poll after the break and sound off in comments!



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Melk says:

Samsung Focus, with Rogers though. I hope they announce when it will be available soon. :

gibbyhome says:

the Dell venue pro will be on tmobile not att ?

Sorry, it's T-Mobile. Fixed mistake ;-)

SteveyAyo#WP says:

Are they ever going to tell me how much the Venue Pro will cost... it goes on sale tomorrow and yet i have no idea how much money ill be spending on it

im leaning towards the venue pro. does anyone know if the gorilla glass on the venue pro is similar to the super amoled screen on the focus? i thought i read somewhere that it was

Neofire says:

The Venue Pro comes with a Amoled Screen. Samsung isnt sharing these Super Amoled screens anytime soon.

zulu208 says:

i have my eyes on my first htc device, the HD7.


Well, I vote HTC 7 Pro on Sprint even though I probably won't end up getting it. I absolutely require a global roaming phone on Sprint, so looks like I am waiting for eternity.

jfa1 says:

the focus but not tomorrow

theefman says:

Dell all the way.

T1 Connect says:

Ordered Mine already on wed. Free express shipping and im Still waiting for the ups system to update the tracking for delivery...

I think I might get the Focus tomorrow for a trial period. I'll try to get my hands on a venue pro and decide from there.


Hopefully I will be getting the Focus tomorrow, if I can get there early enough after my morning meeting.

Eric says:

I stopped by my local AT&T store (Costa Mesa, CA at 17th St. & Santa Ana Ave.) and I was told that AT&T is only launching the HTC Surround tomorrow; according to him, the Samsung Focus is due in a few days, and LG Quantum last (as expected).

So, has anyone heard anything to the contrary from AT&T or Microsoft? If the Surround is the only device tomorrow, I might hold off.

mittortz says:

HTC Surround, only because it's the only one available to me as of tomorrow. I'll grab the Focus the moment it hits best buy; same thing with the Venue Pro as soon as it hits AT&T.

The poll needs "none of the above" for those of us still waiting for WP7 to mature before diving in (or abandoning and regretfully jumping to Android).

Johnny says:

Grabbing the focus first thing in the morning, when ATT opens at 10

GP07 says:

Since I can't seem to find a 16GB Omnia7 I'll probably get the Dell, being in the EU I can't seem to find anyone selling/importing the Focus.

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