WPCentral TVShow Giveaway Winners!

We received a lot of good comments on the upcoming Mango update and from those responses, we've randomly selected ten members to win a free copy of TVShow.

The ten winners are: Koki.v3, Baka, pyxl, Xplode22, lerimer, jaethos, TheRocker, erasure25, magic2802, and vesu0073.

We've sent out congratulatory emails to each and will follow up with instructions on how to claim your copy of TVShow shortly. Thanks goes out to Rudy Huyn, TVShow's developer, for sponsoring this giveaway and to all the WPCentral readers who participated in the discussion.



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jaethos says:

Sweet, I never win stuff. I'm interested to see how this works. Though I have a developer account I haven't looked in to how one would give away ones own app.

Koki.v3 says:

Awwwwwwww yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh :D

Winterfang says:

Father: You will never win anything in life Winterfang...Looks like you where right all along father ;_;

lerimer says:

Aw yeah!!! theres a first time for everything, and this is my first!!!

TheRocker says:

Hehe, I never win stuff either xD Can't wait to see the full version, I've tried the lite one till now and I'm sure it rocks

erasure25 says:

I'm feelin' lucky now!! Does this mean I should play the lotto!?

jabtano says:

YAAAAAA grats everyone who won =)

DiGzNY says:

Wooooooooooooo, YEAH! I actually won something!