WPUG back on with upcoming Apollo event on July 16th

WP Central

The Windows Phone User Group is back, and the next event is set for July 16th. The Vibe Bar on Brick Lane is the venue where platform developers and enthusiasts will be gathering to talk everything Windows Phone 8 ("Apollo"). App demonstrations, presentations, and talks are listed for the evening with drinks available from the bar. Note that this is not the BarCamp, so the event will be kicking off at 7pm.

Be sure to check out the WPUG EventBrite page for more information, location details and to register your spot at the event. Myself and Rob Brand will be attending from Windows Phone Central. Do come say hello if you find yourself in town. We can help attendees out with website coverage, ideas and feedback on platform projects.



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Gatlyn says:

Do you guys expect news of more Apollo features to come out of this?

LeiChat says:

Awesome. Thanks for the headsup. See you there.

rodneyej says:

More WP8 features to be revealed??

siddharaj says:

No new in windows phone ri8 nw i just hate ri8 nw windows phone...no
new lock pattern, no new apps,, no new updats,, no new screen savers,,
no new unlock clocks,, wat can i do m just bored wid windows phone and
no gamez all gud gamez r paid i have windows ri8 nw:-(:-(:-(:-(