WSOP: Full House Pro comes to Windows 8, play poker with online multiplayer and Xbox Live

Ready to add one more Xbox Live game to your Surface 2? Then you’re going to want to grab WSOP: Full House Pro for Windows 8. We’ve seen the game before on the Xbox 360, but have patiently been waiting for the Windows version. Sadly, nothing here for Windows Phone users. If you want your poker fix you’re going to have to remember Full House Poker, which sadly has no support for Windows Phone 8. Enough of the past, let’s focus on the future with WSOP: Full House Pro on Windows 8!

Head into the Windows Store and you’ll see the app available for free. There’s Xbox Live integration and online multiplayer. What else could you want? Here’s the full feature list available or you:

  • Free To Play
  • Online Multiplayer 2 - 9
  • Leaderboards
  • Ring Games and Tournaments
  • Personalize your Avatar
  • Play in Real-world Casino Venues
  • Actual WSOP Announcers Lon McEachern and Norman Chad
  • XP Boost Items
  • Customizable Environments
  • Touch Screen Support
  • Unique Chip Stack Formations
  • Amazing Chip Tricks


We’ll have a full review up in a few days once we’ve spent some time playing. Though we recommend Poker fans grab this game in the meantime. It is free after all!

Download WSOP: Full House Pro from the Windows Store for free. Just be careful, the download clocks in at 922.0 MB.

Thanks for the tip everyone!



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Pocket Aces'!!!!!!!

buggyglint says:

It's a pair of aces in your hand.

terrokkinit says:

Sweetness! I've been waiting for this app for awhile. Downloading right meow.

Coolaaron88 says:

Where are all the bingo and poker apps for windows Phone?

Mister Gore says:

I've been wondering if they will port Bingo and this over. Maybe they are waiting for the 8.1 update since it is more in line with RT

paparatman says:

Awesome! I love this game on the Xbox 360. Hopefully they bring it to the Xbox One and Windows Phone too.

How was this game on the 360? I downloaded it but I never actually got around to playing it.

Bob101910 says:

Horribly laggy every time I've tried it. I'm hoping Win8 version is better

neo158 says:

Well I don't have a choice, I have to use the Windows 8 version as I only have the non laggy Surface RT.

This is great lots of people love poker games on windows!

Play this alot on the 360 so it's good to see wins 8 users added to the mix. Free chips twice a day! :)

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

FFugue says:

I was about to download it until I saw the 900MB download... Almost a gig for a poker game!?? Why? I'd like to try the game, but since I use my Surface Pro to do video editing in Adobe Premiere with huge video files I can't lose a gig of space for a poker game...

Next, make a windows phone version!

neo158 says:

Lol, "This app uses features your phone doesn't have" - WVGA 480x800. That's on an ATIV S :D

And where's the wp8 version? :s

chad08er says:

Full House Poker and Shuffle Party are my favorites.Microsoft needs to add Full House Poker ASAP to WP8.

Jack Neill says:

Sadly we are missing several gems from the Mango days... I keep my Focus around to play Pirates and Tentacles. :p

Neo Nuke says:

Ahh. Tentacles... Thanks for taking me down memory lane. Great game.

John20212 says:

You seem to be quite slow picking up on tips these days.


Aman2901 says:

Oh really..Why didn't you post the news then..

John20212 says:

I tiped them twice, first time more than a week ago when the release date leaked, and I made a forum post, before the article was up, so STFU.


Aman2901 says:

Thats a concern for WPC then..

Dadstar0410 says:

Even though it's free-to-play, sometimes they trick you into buying virtual chips to start/continue after you've lost it all. Is this the case with this game, or is it actually F2P?

dkxs says:

Can surface 2 install apps to SD card?

coip says:

No support for Surface RT. What rubbish.

Dadstar0410 says:

Read details, Buhl.

coip says:

Huh? I did read the details. That's the point: it's not available for Surface RT. And that's rubbish.

LawnPaul says:

My 2520 is playing the game...

Rockartisten says:

It's quite a demanding game. Runs ok on Surface 2.

Dadstar0410 says:

And it works on my RT . . .

Mister Gore says:

I'm running it on my Surface 1 RT.

-8- says:

That's great to hear, because the specs say Tegra 4+

neo158 says:

Exactly, just goes to show that even Microsoft has given up on the Surface RT :-(

Aashish13 says:

I want what Ballmer wanted. Unification of Windows and Windows phone

FFugue says:

It will be possible for developers to release an app for both Windows and Windows Phone in a couple of weeks with the release of Windows Phone 8.1.

chad08er says:

Loved FHP on WP7:)Downloading it now on my computer, can't wait to give this a spin.

Okay then, waiting for the WP version which needs to come!

MadSci2 says:

I am sooooo pissed I can't play FHP on WP8. What is wrong with MS?

jgservices says:

I hope they scale down the graphics for Surface RT compatibility. Graphics are not that important on a poker game anyways so what's the big deal? Might as well even out the playing field.

yuvii007 says:

I want zynga poker of Facebook on wp8

I'd say it's downloading, but nope, it's 'Pending'. No idea what it's 'Pending' for, but it says its 'Pending'.

Times like this I really do miss just downloading through the desktop. -.-

wawapumaa says:

It is soooooo laggy on Surface 2. How is it with yours??? the main menu is laggy as hell. like almost all the game on surface 2, like  dungeon hunter 4 et asphalt. The graphics drivers are really not optimize on windows 8.1 for tegra 4. Fifa 14 is soooo ugly and laggy too. I do not understand.

neo158 says:

FIFA 14 and this lag on a Surface 2 which supposedly has a superior GPU. FIFA 14 has no lag at all on Surface RT yet this isn't available, go figure!!!


Got excited before I realized it wasn't for WP.

Greywolf1967 says:

 Runs well on 1st Gen Surface ( case gets warm after some time). Downloaded last night and already reached LVL 10.

 The only lag I have seen is when in a game if a player leaves the table and a new one joins the load for the new player can be slow. A few times it was quick, but most loads are slow....but the hands during load stay the same.

 I have to say it's a good game.


caresrg says:

Do you have to play online? Can you just play against the computer like the old wp7 app?

bennytx says:

7/13 lost 10k's chips on crashing wsopfhp app.  godaddy.com has wsopfhp website

locked...  is this the end?  any lawyers bored and wanting to sue?  MS promoted this f'd up app.