Wud U? is a new app from Microsoft and Barnardo's aimed at protecting children

Wud U?

Microsoft UK and Barnardo's have teamed up to help raise awareness and fight sexual abuse of children. There's a new app available on both Windows Phone and Windows 8 that aim to raise awareness and fight sexual abuse of minors. The app is called Wud U? and is now available for download.

Barnardo's (barnardos.org.uk) is a British charity that was founded in 1866 to care for children. It's one of the largest charities in the UK and the largest children's charity in terms of charitable expenditure. Wud U? is an app aimed at teaching the signs of abuse. It's target audience is children, teens and professionals, like teachers, who work with them.

Wud U? is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, but now everyone on Windows Phone and Windows 8 can join in the cause. Here are some of the features of the app:

  • Demonstrate how young people can make safe decisions.
  • Provide your group with more information about sexual exploitation, from a trusted source.
  • Help us raise awareness of sexual exploitation by sharing the Wud U? app.

Wud U? Screenshot

The app is available to those in the UK. If you work with children and teens you might want to download the app just to give yourself a refresher on the signs of child sexual exploitation. If you have a kid, you might want to let them spend sometime with the app as well. It's not a fun topic, but it's one worth addressing head on to protect kids.

The app is available for free from the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store.

Source: Microsoft, Barnardo's

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ToonU says:

Not available in 8.1?

rodneyej says:

Save the kids.. Nice!
Where's my XBM update?

StevePT says:

I just did a manual check in the store and got an XBM and OneDrive update!

NIST says:

Wud U talkn about Willis?

sip1995 says:

There is an update for Xbox Music.

adrian1338 says:

and it pretty much sucks :)

Sicarius123 says:

Better Cortana support, just as crap load times.

rodneyej says:

I know, right??... Lol❕❕

MVogelezang says:

Why only UK? Sexual abuse is everywhere, unfortunately....

kalo88 says:

British charity

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endacrowley says:

They also have an operation in Ireland. Maybe they act independently.

MVogelezang says:

Still.. Would be nice to give this worldwide attention.

eddieDOTexe says:

I thought this was something like a Hot or Not app. that name is rofl screw you guys I'm patenting that idea.

Great charity. I'll download and looks like I'll be recommending it for my fellow kids workers.

No one's actually downloading this in the Google Play Store.

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