Xbox 360: System Update Preview program begins in 2 weeks, apply now

Many Windows Phone owners also have Xbox 360s, so we’re bringing you this bit of Xbox 360 news.

The Xbox 360 receives system updates once or twice a year (no carrier blocking either, thank goodness). Before these big updates come around, Microsoft usually runs an open beta to eliminate the kinks and make sure everything’s working right. Sign-up for this year’s open beta has just started.

Some notes about Xbox 360 System Update Preview program:

  • The program is open to US residents only.
  • Thousands of applicants will be selected. Still, signing up early is recommended.
  • Xbox Live Gold members will receive priority, but 'lowly' Silver members can sign up too.

What changes will the update feature? One is a new Xbox 360 disc format is coming. This could be an anti-piracy measure. But the big feature is of course Kinect improvements including the rollout of avatarKinect, which gives your Avatar a new lease on life, hosting shows and making videos--very cool stuff. We would love to see some Windows Phone 7 integration on the dashboard too. It does currently have some ads and videos, but that’s it.

WPCentral’s Daniel Rubino has already completed registration. I tried but received an error after confirming my email address. To throw your hat in, Sign up for the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program. Good luck!

UPDATE: Good news: participants in the preview will receive a free copy of Halo Reach. Bad news: registration is now closed. Hope you got in, everybody.

Source: Major Nelson



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Los says:

Thanks for the heads up. I got the last preview. Not having party chat sucked. I'm glad party chat will not be effected this time

FearThyWrath says:

Signed up for everyone they have had so far love making my non website checking friends jelous that i have new features lol. XBOX live and WP7 FTW

Exomondo says:

It's great to have these programs and really good to see your suggested improvements implemented and/or bugs fixed...annoying that this one is US-only though.

gearhead05 says:

Just submitted my regitration about 15 minutes. This is my first time signing up for one of these so I hope I get in. I'm curious as to what the new "disc format" is.

MaulerX says:

Thanks for the heads up! Anyway, just signed up and noticed something interesting. They asked for my name and address and phone number so that they can ship pre-release stuff. Didn't see it mentioned in the article. What could they possibly be shipping that is part of the beta process??

Kinect. :-PSeriously, not sure.

Drewidian says:

What I want most is the ability to use my phone as a controller. MS needs to make a Chassis 3 with standard button controls or even a clip on accessory which would connect via bluetooth and allow for the phone to used as a HUD, rear looking mirror, or even coop partner's view of a battlefield or something to that effect. I like where they are going with some Kinnect integration, but the ability to have your phone have standard controls and used as a controller, ala the xperia play, with the XBox would be killer. It could even be used to charge your phone. The potential is there.

Kalroy says:

Major Nelson's site mentions a free copy of Halo:Reach, whether that will be a mailed solid copy or a digital download was not made clear. Also, there was a pre-release beta (which I didn't get to participate in) which actually included a kinect. I don't know if they got to keep it or not. This one, however, is supposed to consist of thousands of people so I doubt there will be any hardware going out. Oh, and I signed up for it (79,920 GS).Kalroy

I noticed an Xbox Beta section on my system today. Guess this means I'm in!!!!!!!!"