Xbox Companion app due out tomorrow

Xbox Companion App

We've previously covered the Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone that was to be released soon after the Xbox dashboard refresh. This app will enable users to control their Xbox consoles and browse the Marketplace for media (music, movies and games), launch movies and music, view friends activity, search for information on what's currently playing (via Bing), and control playback.

The Xbox Companion app is set to be made available on the Marketplace for free tomorrow and will bring more integration between the two platforms with Windows 8 creeping around the corner. Thinking of three screens anyone? We'll take a deeper look at the app once it's published.

Source: Microsoft, via: Major Nelson



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HeyCori says:

I'm surprised it's a separate app instead of it being baked right into the Xbox Hub. Either way it's not a big deal. I can't wait to try it out though I'm starting to get pretty used to using voice commands and hand gestures. The only thing missing from voice controls is an always listening function so I can turn my Xbox on without grabbing the remote.

selfcreation says:

its probly just starting off like * XBL extras app * that they baked into mango....  im sure MS ditn want to make an other possible problamatic update ( lol )  for one app....  im sure it will get baked in tango or apollo (hopefully)

cant wait to try it out as well :)

1jaxstate1 says:

I can't wait. The ecosystem is coming along just lovely!

Lx23 says:

You can say that again. WP7 is slowly maturing.

Starkenator says:

This is great news HOWEVER, why does Microsoft always get ALMOST there and seemingly quit before the finish line??? Great that my phone can double as a remote but why is their no Airplay (Play to) like functionality built into Windows Phone and the Xbox? I assume it is coming in Apollo since "Play to" is a part of Windows 8 but then they will be 2 years befind Apple on that feature which would be extremely easy for them to add. I can send Media on my Titan (but not from the browser) with the Connected Media App to an Xbox, but only in extender mode. I guess that will have to tide me over. Crosses fingers for "Tango".

starblade876 says:

"2 years behind" isn't really 2 years behind. Having something first doesn't mean you'll always be ahead, especially if improvement is not constant. Look at cut and paste for example. Windows Mobile had it before iOS, but, as soon as iOS got it, was iOS x years behind WM in C&P features? Then, the reverse happened with WP. Now that we  have it, we're caught up and nothing's happening in that area.

I'm sure the ecosystem will keep improving; they're not going to "quit before the finish line."

Starkenator says:

I get your point. I just get frustrated when Microsoft get 90% of the way with a software product and leaves out "duh" features that would take their engineers 30 minutes to add. For example, the lack of softsled and shared guide in Media Center. The tech is already there on extenders, why not build it into PC's? DLNA works in certain OEM Windows Phones, why not make it OS wide? Why not allow it from the browser?

Mooncow27 says:

I am really looking forward to this. Would be pretty cool. Even better if Microsoft added the ability to remotely turn on my Xbox while I am at work. Would live that. Then just login to Xbox live on the website to queue up my downloads. Have them downloaded before I get home.

HD7guy says:

It's tomorrow.... App stuck in Marketplace review?

Menzlo says:

Stuff from MS doesn't usually hit this early in the day.

HD7guy says:

How about now?

Verkunder says:

Payback for getting to watch TV sooner, we have to wait to get apps. Darnit, East Coast!

HD7guy says:

RT @majornelson FYI: The timing for Xbox 360 dashboard update has been slightly delayed. I’ll have a status update later today

HD7guy says:

The update is rolling. Waiting for the Companion....

pdawg17 says:

Where's the app? I'm very anxious to try it out!

Starkenator says:

Yep they definitely missed it. No expanation either.

HD7guy says:

Maybe today...

Vavrusa says:

Now i have new version on XBOX. Very nice in XBOX but i dont find mobile aplication on market. What is you name? (Companion?).



FacilisDK says:

How bout right... Now! :)