Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone updated to version 1.1

Xbox Companion

Good news for you Xbox 360 users out there (we hope that's most of you), the Companion app has received a nice little update to v1.1 this morning in the Marketplace.

Unfortunately, no word on what the changes are as there seems to be no obvious new features on board. But perhaps coincidentally, our Xbox 360 just received a system update to its OS and maybe the two are related. Or not.

(Edit: Today's Xbox 360 update is "... to quickly fix some voice recognition issues affecting our non-English speaking members" according to Microsoft's Major Nelson.)

Go download the app in the Marketplace here and in the meantime, we'll work on nailing down a changelog for ya. Thanks, Kyle S., for the heads up

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kenduro says:

I noticed that today, my Xbox and Xbox companion app both had updates but no idea what's new

incendy says:

Wish they would add voice recognition to the Companion App! Sometimes music is too loud or too far away for Kinect to hear me, would be awesome if I could use the phone as an extention for voice.
Such a useful app for me already but voice would make it so much better!

I'll second that too

WPSteve says:

More features would of been nice. Anything more really.

Big Supes says:

Great! Now - MS, if you would, please kindly keep the companion app exclusive to Windows Phone!
Thank you.

soulzero says:

I second that.


AiR DEGETA says:

Sorry to tell you but when it first launched it was released on WP7.5 & IOS the same day. But I was hoping that they would keep in the ecosystem too.

NaterBater says:

Im pretty sure it wasn't the same app. On iOS its just an app where you can see you achievements and friends.

xxYetterxx says:

Its not the same app at all its an app that allows you to see ur friends online and set up beacons, check achievements and alter your avatar, just like the Xbox live feature baked into WP

Tahiti Bob says:

How is it good news when you don't know what the update does? That's a bit of an odd statement.
I would love to be able to use the app away from my console so that I can browse the marketplace and queue downloads. As it is now it's nice but I never use it, I just use my controller.

theefman says:

Have to agree, after first downloading it I havent used it, since its useless without your xbox being on and if your xbox is on you are most likely in front of it, it really doesnt perform any useful function for me.

HeyCori says:

I haven't used the app in a while.  Kinect adds in all the extra functionality I need, plus I have a remote too.  Hopefully, in the future, I can use the app to play games.

welsbloke says:

I use it a fair bit more so than I would of thought so a welcome addition. The reason I end up using it tbh is because my phone is always around unlike my controller or remote which mysteriously appear to go missing at times. Just another string to my remote bow ;)

TonyDedrick says:

Speaking of the Xbox brand, I wonder what its future hold going forward with MS ecosystem. I own a 360 currently and I enjoy it. But there have been some issues after the current dashboard update in regards to video streaming from other services not named Zune that have raised some eyebrows. Not to mention the rumor (whether it has legs and is a real consideration MS part) that the next Xbox will lockout the ability to play used games was not received well at all.

NaterBater says:

How could they block you from playing used games? A code that comes with the new game maybe. But how about when you play offline? Im sure it's not true.

By only selling digital games on their marketplace. Definitely a possibility, but not many big fans after that news broke.

NaterBater says:

I guess that's a possibility but that's insane. You would have to delete games off your hard drive just to clear up room for new ones. I won't be buying the new system if it's this way. You can drive to the store and have your game in 30 minutes or less but downloading a 7 GB game takes hours

Not necessarily hours but it takes a little while, and they already have started doing that with online play. There are some games that you need an online pass, the game comes with the code, but if you buy it used or rent it you have to rebuy the code, battlefield 3 is an example of this. I hate how these companies are basicly raping us, and we already pay 60 a year for Xbox live!

hyperova says:

Your an idiot for comparing it to rape, I'll easily buy the next Xbox the quality of it will balance out whatever negative things are included the 360 quality was the reason I bought my WP on its day of release and the reason this rumour has been swirling for awhile is because developers have come out and said if its true they support it because no matter the price of the used game the store selling it receives any and all money for it the publishers and developers receive nil and they could easily do this I for one don't care if Microsoft does it everyone will follow along just like they will with WP

Paul Acevedo says:

That is an extremely flawed argument. When you buy a used game, that's more akin to raping the dveelopers and publishers of the game since they see no profit from it. But let's not have silly debates like that here.

alijahg34 says:

I think they fixed the quick play list, because I could never get Netflix to appear there now it is there. Hopefully they fix the search also

HD7guy says:

One change I would really like to see is moving Companion from the Games Hub to the regular apps list. It might be for Xbox, but it is definitely not a game.

Nakazul says:

Thnx the gods im not alone in that thought, its just annoying and out of place.

HD7guy says:

One change I would really like to see is moving Companion from the Games Hub to the regular apps list. It might be for Xbox, but it is definitely not a game.

Kadcidxa says:

Waiting for the changes log. Nice to see a update though.

ATCraiger says:

The update is very welcome (although the Xbox update was not, as it booted from the middle of a game), as I am hoping they continue to innovate on the companion app. It's a fantastic idea that your phone can become an extra controller and media consumption device, but I have yet to use it much as it lacks many important features that would make me want to use it daily. Looking forward to the change log.

Jellynutz says:

I was hoping they included controls for the video player. Currently if I play anything off of a usb drive or a burned disk with any .AVI type files, it doesnt allow you to control it when playing, which to me makes the companion app broken as it does not let you control all media like it was meant to.

Jay Bennett says:

A feature I'd love to see is the ability to add downloads to your Xbox's queue ready for when it's next turned on, like what's on the Xbox website already

mab664 says:

Need to be able to use the phone keyboard in all instances that require text input (i.e. Zune on Xbox).

Jay Bennett says:

Brilliant idea!

gc8rex says:

I use it during parties to control the music, works awesome for changing songs instead of carrying a controller around. Would be cool to view the music list on your phone and pick songs from it

Quin 2013 says:

I'd like to see a Netflix control. Even though it's there, I can't do anything with it because it does not allow me yo do so. I would have to go to he Xbox style controls to be able to change, ff, re etc.

I cant even go through my que through this app nor can I even view my movie listening through the app.

Im all about this app, but it truly needs a serious update nd it needs to be more versatile.

I've only used it a few times, I'd rather use my controller instead.

razblack says:

i used it once just to test it out... and that was it.
it was very disappointing that it required Wifi and "still" does not support direct with bluetooth... 
very very disappointing.