Xbox Feedback site launched to help improve the Xbox One

Xbox One Feedback

The Xbox One has been out for nearly two weeks. We’re loving ours and the majority of you folks are too. However, no product is perfect and the Xbox One is no exception to this rule. It will of course get better, just the Xbox 360 did before, but there will be some growing pains along the way. There’s now a community effort on Reddit (and a dedicated website) where users are putting together their suggestions for how Microsoft can improve the Xbox One.

The website is Xbox Feedback (xboxfeedback.com) and is based around this thread on Reddit. Issues and suggestions for the Xbox One are broken up into categories like hardware, software & UI, controller, DVD/Blu-ray, media, Kinect issues, Kinect suggestions, notifications, friends & recent players, snap & applications, Skype, TV/HDMI input issues, voice & sound options, display options, party chat, storage information, game suggestions, SmartGlass updates, and voice commands.

It’s hard to argue with the majority of the ideas/complaints listed on the site. For example, it would totally rock to have a battery indicator somewhere on the system, it would be good to see more than 6 achievements at a time, and it would be nice if the Kinect mic wasn’t on by default for multiplayer games. These are just a small sampling of feedback that the community has compiled so far.

Normally we don’t push community outreaches like this, but it’s hard to ignore when Major Nelson himself said the Xbox team was watching the site and Reddit thread. We look forward to seeing the Xbox One get better over time, but for now share us some of your fixes for the system.

Speaking of feedback, our mega Xbox One review will be up soon!

Source: Reddit, Xbox Feedback, Via: Winbeta



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swizzlerz says:

I love my one. :)

N1NJ4K1LL3R says:

I hope it's used for pin pointing bugs and not fuck wits on the internet complaining Xbox don't have  [insert feature here] like there is in Android.

ThePKReddy says:

Not denying the fuckwits part. However, there may be some good ideas which creep in.

lubbalots says:

I swear I was the one who invented that word! "fuckwit"

stui83 says:

You must be over 100 years old or don't live in Australia :)

lubbalots says:

Lmoa! Trying to imagine how I'd say in the land down under. "Fookweet" pretty close? Lol! I must be 100 years old.

Sin Ogaris says:

More like "farkwit". Depending on how far from the metropolitan centre's you travel it tends to range from "fuckwit" to "faaaaaaaaaaaaaarkwit".

iamoniwaban says:

If they say " Android" has this why not Xbox, then these people need to move onto the ouya.

gevabar says:

Well for one the Xbox you tube app....sucks and smart glass should let u use on screen key board to search

Yeah it does suck I blame google the 360 YouTube app was even better the one has the same old crappy YouTube app from the ps3!!!!

Yup. Can't seem sort or refine results like on the 360. Its like seeing Zune becoming Xbox music all over again. Sad.

Yeah mute a certain app in snap mode (I don't want to hear the game and the tv at the same time) battery indicator, and external drive support needs to hurry up and come

bAN01TgAZ says:

I do like both game and tv, so there must be an option to disable, agreed!

bAN01TgAZ says:

Or mute, either pane.

Ultimateone says:

This is just a lets hope we can fix it page right?

bAN01TgAZ says:

I have hdmi input issues, its frozen if i "xbox turn off" then "xbox on"

swizzlerz says:

Just read them. As this is not an official page from Microsoft I don't think we needed to read about it on windows phone central. By all means Xbox one central maybe... Yes many ideas are out there. Like plug in exercise bikes into the fitness app. Ya my grandmas bikes from the 70's I'm sure it has a connector that is compatible.

diod123 says:

But you did read it, and even commented. This site does ecosystem stuff as well as WP. You don't have to read every article, just skip to the WP articles, there are plenty.

DJCBS says:

Well, this may indeed help improve Xbox One...as long as the Xbox Team actually cares, listens and deliver much faster than the Windows Phone Team. 'cause the WP OFFICIAL page is up for years and it took the WP-Team almost 3 years to start addressing things in there...

KoreyTM says:

You're definitely right about the WP suggestions page not being addressed for years. Sometimes even handing someone the answer on a plate doesn't mean they'll reach for it.

bobsentell says:

Captions for Xbox Video on Xbox One. Not working as of right now.

Los says:

Hmmmmm let's see...
1. Battery meter
2. Universal controller settings
3. Invite system (like 360)
4. Recent Players list
5. Voice messages
6. Sign in notifications (at least for Favorites)
7. Friends status (like " away ")
8. Ability to see Storage space
That's off the top of my head. Other than that, I'm happy with it. I know these things will come

Edit: I also forgot to mention how annoying it is that you have to set the party chat on. It should be on by default and have the option to turn it off. I mean why else did I start a party chat in the first place if I didn't want it on? Makes no sense. I hope they fix that. It should be on by default like the 360

Jacob Heston says:

Couldn't agree more!!!!

peachy001 says:

Ability to actually use the USB ports. Ability to stream films from my pc.

Jess82#WP says:

You can stream movies from your PC to xbone.

Antluv82 says:

MS listen....y'all should scream mobile games on tu tha XBONE make a APP for it. That will be SWEET! I hope SONY not watching this page they always copying

DJCBS says:

What you suggest, Sony already has available between the PS and the PSVita. It won't take them long to make it available on the Xperia phones either as it is a normal extention.

Antluv82 says:

I knew sumone from SONY or SONY FANBOY was watching lol...Aye answer this ? PS4 supposed a hardcore gaming system, why they don't have them lol... Xbox is a real HARDCODE system


Sin Ogaris says:

Too much stupid... I can't comprehend it.

Antluv82 says:

LOL y'all sum crazy dudes

In 2 months, I think 90% of all the bugs will be fixed, and there will be some cool added features.

onysi says:

lol. You guys are quite late with your Xbox one review. Lol

dbgman says:

Need battery indicator for controller or low battery show on screen. When you say Xbox turn off, it should turn off the tv too.

bAN01TgAZ says:

It does, with a compatible tv. My Samsung tv has "mute" "volume up/down" too

Mouthsmasher says:

Mine does turn off the TV when the Xbox turns off. Go double check your settings because it needs to be calibrated to work.

diod123 says:

Yeah mine turns off the tv and receiver, like mouth says..its in the settings

DavidinCT says:

I do it the old way.... Hold the Xbox button on the controller for 3-5 seconds and select Console Off...


To much to have to turn off due to having a whole home theater setup that I use for media as well as games. I also have one button to turn everything off too, so 2-3 button(2 on the xbox one contoler and one on my remote) presses and the whole system is off..


I guess I am old fashion....

blade-jac says:

You do realize it controls you home theatre too !

tkadrum says:

MS, you should do this on Xbox channel, because your competitors are taking notes as well.

lubbalots says:

This is a great idea by MS. Hopefully, "fuckwirts" from the other side don't show up with their PR.

_Haitian says:

The low remote battery indicator would be awesome. Just while playing BF4 it died with no warning. Good thing I bought some rechargeable batteries and did a quick swap.
Would be nice if we could snap Skype as well. Right now it's only full screen with other apps snapping next to it but you can't snap Skype. Yet ;)

Meh. Everything works fine for me, if Microsoft tweaks and improves the system and features as time goes on great, they did with the 360. But I've no use for rant forums. The internet seems to have ruined more than it's fixed lately.

SleepyTheDon says:

I agree with you. Mine works fine except "Xbox On" I look forward to upgrades and enhancements

bpmurr says:

They need to improve load times for games. They're terrible!

lubbalots says:

Xbone is "intentionally" made by MS for modding both inside and out. Seen the video how to switch out the hard drive? Now MS admitted Xbone is also Dev ready.

SleepyTheDon says:

Bring all the cool features of the Xbox360 and improve on the ones that need it and then some.

spaulagain says:

Wow, reading some of these items. It looks like X1 came out of the box missing features 360 has had for years. I'm a bit surprised.

I mean battery indicator? Even current 360 controllers do that by flashing the ring on the controller.

And party chat isn't automatically on when you create a party? WTF kind of logic is that?

Glad I'm waiting to get one for a couple months. Hopefully these basic features are added by then.

Sometimes I don't get Microsoft. Great ideas, but execution lacks.

MethodGT says:

I went searching how to always make the Y-axis inverted, ie universal controller profiles, like the 360 had from day one, but to my amazement it's not there. So many other simple things are missing too. It seems like MS likes to leave out features. Witness WM to WP7, or even WP7 to WP8

minhin says:

Trust me, if all those items you mention are addressed, there will be other people other than you that will say missing features also.  Give it time, MS have to priortize eliminating family sharing vs battery indicator.

Bloobed says:

Basically both XBone and PS4 are, and will be for a while, very incomplete in comparison with the last gen.

They need to fix the "XBOX ON" command that never works. Other than that, the XBOX ONE is a great device with a bright future ahead of it as the software matures and the platform develops. They should move back to the original policies they had planned. Its clear the system was designed to work the way they originally planned.

Bob101910 says:

Double check that you have that command enabled. That's one of the commands that can be toggled.

swizzlerz says:

Works every time. Run the Kinect sound setup again..

Talbot690 says:

Xbox on works for me but I always screw up shutting it down "Xbox off" does not work lol has to be "Xbox TURN off".

Bob101910 says:

Last updates in April, but the information still holds up. Right meow, all I want is my 360 fightstick to work.

Bob101910 says:

And Netflix party watching

Antluv82 says:

One more I add MS LISTIN. This got nothing tu do with XBONE...bring back tha old FB for WP please that one was better for me n sweeter

minhin says:

Put the family sharing back on and screw those Sony baloney about requiring internet. 

swizzlerz says:

There is a clock on the main screen. Hit the Xbox logo on your controller and look at bottom right hand corner of the screen

Talbot690 says:

I'd like to see some sort of keyboard support like a controller attachment like on 360

Ushae says:

One word, smartglass :)

Talbot690 says:

Smartglass is great an all but when I'm in a game and I want to quickly send a msg I have to put my controller down get my phone or laptop connect to smartglass then send my msg... In that time I could have typed it out with the controller. But don't get me wrong I use smartglass for IE, Netflix and Xbox video just in game its more of a hassle.. I miss my controller mounted keyboard but hell why stop their how bout PC keyboard and mouse support?

Ushae says:

I'm sure the platform will get better, it has immense potential going forward. Hope it realises it completely, especially with Kinect integration with core games.

DavidinCT says:

There are a lot of good ideas on that site (I posted to it 2-3 days ago), I hope MS is agressive trying to update the xbox one to take care of these little issues or features.


I really hope it's not like a year or 2 wait like it seems to be for little things on WP...

Yakko Warner says:

One thing I keep posting but haven't seen added yet, is I hope they fix the stupid NAT issues.  360 on my home network with uPnP on the server = open NAT.  Xbone on the same network (when I can confirm it's opening ports through uPnP all by itself) = strict NAT.

Vic Viper says:

The main thing bugging me at the moment is that I cannot view my achievements on my phone or 360? Well I can on 360 but all games are merged into one achievement called xbox one games or something like that. Even PC/WP & W8 games are all there to view on 360 or PC (Xbox.com)... strange?

Apologies if this has already been covered but did not see anyone mention it.

p4nfa says:

Battery status - friends online/offline notification - improve party chat - msg notification. Fix these.

blade-jac says:

I like the party apart from having to turn it on, sometimes i hear gamers in cod once i have started the party (why?).
Need a way to train voice to person, sometimes my son isn't understood but i am. Although "xbox on" works for him more than me 60% for me , 90% for him.