Xbox Kinect and WP7 integration

The video above shows how the Xbox Kinect can interact with your Windows Phone 7 handset to make your life easier with certain tasks. An example shown in the video is an advert for Toyota. Simply activating Kinect's voice control and announcing "Near Me" will bring up a map showing the nearby locations of Toyota garages. Then a simple text message or email can be sent to your WP7 with the co-ordinates.

This example aids in local advertising and minimises time for the end-user compared to opening a browser, searching Bing etc.

Source: DailyMobile



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HeyCori says:

Neat idea, though it makes me wonder if MS is prepping Kinect to work without a Xbox/PC.

This is awesome!

bc3tech says:

i remember an advert for wp7 back when it was just coming out showing people w/ wp7s controlling rallyball from their devices, to trip up the guy playing it. wtf ever happened with that? i don't see any place ANYWHERE that it can be integrated.false advertising! ;)

dtboos says:

They are working on it. No announcements on availability yet, but my guess would be the Apollo update (one after mango).

HD7_user says:

Looks cool. Unfortunately this (and other awesome features of XBOX) could be used only in US :(

d-signet says:

sending a txt to your phone is NOT wp7 integrationin these examples - wp7 is no more integrated than android, iOS or any other platform.