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Xbox Live - DoDonPachi Maximum unleashes bullet hell on the Windows Phone Marketplace

DoDonPachi Maxium

It’s been a long time in coming – Japanese developer Cave first announced their exclusive shooting game for Windows Phone way back in July. Many months later, DoDonPachi Maximum has finally debuted on Xbox Live.

DoDonPachi Maximum is a vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up that borrows elements from previous games like DoDonPachi Resurrection. The twist is that the entire game is supposed to be a computer simulation, so the backgrounds and enemies have all been given a retro graphics makeover. At the start, you select from two different ships, each with its own weapons and abilities. Tip: the Delta Sword kills bosses much faster. Two more ships are supposedly unlockable, but I shudder to think about the requirements for doing so…

DoDonPachi Maximum

Gameplay is simple – touch anywhere on the screen and drag to move your fighter (which shoots automatically). I find that a centimeter or so below the ship works best. As you kill enemies, your laser bombs will charge up. To fire one, touch the screen with two fingers at once. It’s a fine control system and necessary for weaving between the enemies’ many, many bullets. Check out our preview video to see it in action, or this video to sample the soundtrack.

Warning: DoDonPachi Maximum is hard. In fact, it’s harder than I just said. It will take tons of practice to complete the game – the last level is actually punishment for treason in some countries. The Achievements are even more challenging; I expect only a handful of people in the world will ever get them all.

If that sounds good to you, you’re going to love Cave’s DoDonPachi Maximum. Get it right here on the Marketplace for $4.99.

QR: DoDonPachi Maximum



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amieldl says:

Downloading now.... So excited!!!!!!

rodaly says:

es una aplicacion miy buena me encanta

EAA575 says:

That's Japanese developers for you. Making games as hard as possible lol

kidjenius says:

Downloading now

Sagittariusq says:

Grate news! This must be play game of March.

rocketriot says:

Really good Game. I'm purchased. Great!!!

gaisan says:

Bullet hell yeah! Great game.

anodynamic says:

Played the demo, and it's a well made game. Great graphics, good music and sfx and touch controls that work well for this type of game. Quality game-crafting through and through. Maybe I'll buy the full version when I have gotten all the stars in Tentacles, jumped on 30 monsters in Doodle Jump and feel like I need a real challenge.

What.. Are.. You...
*bows down*

ShahinTr says:

Purchased, 4th level so far. Awesome game.

I'm excited! I'm ready to get my @$% handed to me! :D

M_Lyons10 says:

Sorry, maybe I'm stupid, but how in the world do you start the demo?  I hit "Story" on the main menu and get a 4 page story then on page 4 I only have a back button and the menu button...  Am I missing something?

Kydd Prodigy says:

You must be going into Help & Options. On the main screen you should see "Play" at the top, that'll take you into the game.

Just bought. Easily my favorite wp7 game and makes me miss my handlheld iphone arcade a little less.... GREAT GAME!!! (I'm obvi so happy right now)