Xbox Live: Minesweeper and Sudoku updated with Mango flavor

Minesweeper and Sudoku

A short while back, Babaroga updated their free, ad-supported Minesweeper and Sudoku Xbox Live games. At last we’ve got the details for both updates to share with you.

Minesweeper version 1.2 and Sudoku version 1.3 release notes

  • Added Fast App Switching support
  • Increased the maximum number of tokens players can earn to 110
  • Switched ads around based on user feedback
  • Minesweeper: Fixed a bug that stopped players from earning more time when resuming Speed games
  • Various bug fixes

Nothing major there, but Fast App Switching is always appreciated (especially if you’re cheating at Sudoku). The new token limit allows players to use powerups more freely, highlighting the unique powerup feature these games have while making the game a bit easier to boot. Gamers now have even less excuse not to earn each title’s 50 GamerScore of Achievements.

You can pick up Minesweeper here and Sudoku here on the Marketplace.

QR: Minesweeper QR: Sudoku



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Oli Gill says:

Inspired search criteria on the screenshots lol :D

bahamut zero says:

i hope MS "mango"fies all of its apps. weather should be next! we are waiting for live tile support!

Pete C says:

Just get WeatherMaster...it's a better app.

niyoko says:

What happen to releasing Sudoku to more markets?