Xbox Live: MiniSquadron touches down onto the Marketplace


MiniSquadron is one of those Xbox Live games that was announced back in 2010 and yet never seemed to materialize. We even ran an exclusive preview of the Windows Phone version all the way back in April. The wait is finally over, as MiniSquadron has finally emerged from the Bermuda Triangle of Xbox Live certification and onto the Marketplace.

MiniSquadron Title

MiniSquadron is a 2-dimensional aerial combat game, originally developed by Supermono Studios and ported by Fat Pebble. Players start out with a single plane, but as they defeat enemies they’ll eventually unlock a total of 60 unique aircraft. You’ll do that unlocking via two gameplay modes – Classic, which involves taking on the game’s 9 stages one at a time, and Survival, a battle against endless waves of enemies. The aerial action is accompanied by an appropriate soundtrack of classical tunes.

MiniSquadron costs $2.99 – quite a bit less than most holiday air travel, I can tell you. Pick it up here on the Marketplace.




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MacAarburger says:

is it me or can everyone not steer the little plane? directional control seems non-existent... the on screen joystick doesn't work 8(

Samsteele says:

Directional control is shot, Mayday! Mayday!

FFugue says:

Joystick work fine for me on the demo. It's actually a great game so far! Might be a little repetitive over time, but the demo is fun.

JayJayTG says:

Nope my Joystick is stuck in one position resulting in no controls for the planes movement :(

Weird---what phone? I have on the Titan and Radar and no issues. Love this game.

Paul Acevedo says:

Same problem here on a Samsung Focus.

MacAarburger says:

same here. HTC TITAN. stick ist stuck to the right...