Xbox Live: Must Have Games 2012 schedule and prices announced

Must Have Games 2012

Last year’s Must Have Games promotion kicked off in May, but this year it’s coming in February. Since Microsoft announced the February lineup at CES, we’ve been left wondering over the specific release date and price of each game. Wonder no more, Windows Phone gamers, as Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) spilled the remaining beans on his blog today.

  • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit – 02/01 - $4.99
  • Bullet Asylum – 02/8 - $2.99
  • Chickens Can't Fly – 02/15 - $2.99
  • Splinter Cell Conviction – 02/22 - $4.99
  • Toy Soldiers Boot Camp – 02/29 - $2.99

No real surprises there. The two more technically impressive games will cost $4.99, not unlike last year’s Hydro Thunder Go. I’m slightly saddened that my most-wanted game, Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp is coming last, but they all look like fine games. If you need a refresher on the portable Toy Soldiers entry, check out our interview with the game’s developers.

Which game(s) are you most looking forward to, dear readers?

Source: Major Nelson; Thanks for the tip, everybody!



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Yamishi says:

I'm probably going to get all of them except Need for Speed.

tylerh1701 says:

Toy Soldiers is the only one I'm all that interested it, I'm sad it's coming last as well.  Maybe they'll sync it up with a sale on the XBLA version, I'm dying for that game!

ultraprism says:

Can't wait for hot pursuit woot woot XD

mydefposse says:

Can't believe Toy Soldiers will only be £2.29! Thought it would be a fiver!

What ever happened to the sequel to GeoDefense???

Giddora says:

Toy Soldiers and Need for Speed ftw! :-D

lerimer says:

I will in fact be getting all of them. My only problem is the storage place. Damn 16gb titan!!!!!

Gonna get all of them but I have an 8GB HD7 :( 
Really need to finish games off.

selfcreation says:

dam the 2 games i want wont come out till the end :(

toy soldie + splinter cell ,,

WPSteve says:

Sonic CD? :(

Paul Acevedo says:

Still investigating that with SEGA, but it seems to be a ways off from release.

Gemini Ace says:

With Hot Pursuit coming out, EA needs to lower the price on Undercover to $2.99.

Paul Acevedo says:

Yeah, they really should.

columnbreak says:

Wasn't expecting to see Battleship in that video. I wonder if it'll be online multiplayer?

Splinter cell :) !!!!

FFugue says:

Can't wait for Need For Speed. About Splinter, from the logo I guess it's a Gameloft game. I wonder if it will be as buggy as all their other games. I'm still waiting for a fix on Brain Challenge which is almost not playable and has tons of broken achievements. I wish they would fix bugs on already released games instead of creating new games (most probably containing bugs).

Rhoyz says:

We need multiplayer game. You can start on monopoly multiplayer game. :-)

amieldl says:

Getting everything except chickens can't fly...woot=D=D=D

BRIZCorp says:

Need for speed hot pursuit for me :] , also splinter cell if it's good.

danj210 says:

Splinter Cell, hands down.

Splinter cell looks sick

nrask7 says:

We need a good turn based strategy game.

Sergio0694 says:

Any release date for DoDonPachi? :)

Splinter cell beter be good lol

mailman27 says:

Can't wait for Toy Soldiers. Now if we would just hear more regarding the expansion for the XBLA game.

hyperova says:

Toy soldiers was awesome sauce on the 360 as is any splinter cell game just hope they both hold up on teh phone

TheDarKnight says:

NFS and Splinter Cell baby!

druger81 says:

Need for speed while I wait for splinter cell! :o

Renigade16 says:

SplinterCell FTW (xx)

Ton77 says:

Im buying all of them. :D

apocacrux says:

I'll be getting Hot Pursuit and Splinter cell for sure. I do want a sequel to Geo Defence though.

kidjenius says:

bullet asylum wooo!!!

Chickens Can't Fly!!!