Xbox Live sign-in disrupted for some Xbox One users

Xbox Live sign-in disrupted for some Xbox One users

It appears that Xbox Live is down for some Xbox One users. Users might have trouble signing in to the service, and Xbox core services are listed as limited.

Microsoft says that they're working on fixing the issue, they'll have an update for users at around 1:20 PM Eastern. Assuming you can sign in, there appear to be no issues with purchasing and using content or social and gaming functions.

We'll update this post when full service is restored. You can check Xbox Live's status on the status page for more info.

Update: And it looks like the issue has been fixed, as of 1:36 PM Eastern, and users should have no trouble signing into Xbox Live.

Source: Microsoft



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gonza1520 says:

Good to know. Luckily I haven't been affected. (^_^)

lansky1213 says:

I'm having issues downloading music on my phone frm Xbox music with the music pass. Anybody else? It streams but doesn't download

purevibz says:

I couldn't login to Xbox music either.

Hopefully this is resolved soon :/

Darkgift says:

Its not just Xbox one. I can't sign in to music or video apps on my surface, even though on the status page it says they are up and running.

Adhesive Ray says:

I was affected. And it brings up a serious question. If I can't sign in because of an issue, does that mean my evening plans of playing child of light have to be ruined?

I was unable to play FIFA14 due to this. Begs the question....Do I really own a Digital Game?

sumothong01 says:

Was affected for about 10 minutes. Whatever it was they got it fixed quick for me.

Was down for 5 min. All good now.

Can't stream movies because can't sign in

majic1 says:

What they should do is keep Xbox One separate from xbox360 it was supposed to have its own servers but yet it's causing problems with 360 Xbox is crap can't stand this problem version maybe they will get it right on the next version. & I have had one was given one part of there loyalty program back in November but I never took it & told them to donate it.

Good thing I'm at work and its fixed already.