Xbox Live - Super Monkey Ball's Price falls off a cliff, now 99 cents

Super Monkey Ball Lead

The illustrious club of 99 cent Xbox Live games on Windows Phone has a new member this weekend: Super Monkey Ball from SEGA. The game rolled out at $4.99 on April 6 last year; dropped to $2.99 only a month later; and has at last settled on the rock-bottom price of less than a dollar.

Super Monkey Ball price drpShould you buy the first Super Monkey Ball right now when a much-improved sequel is due later this summer? Sure, if you can tolerate some truly terrible tilt controls. The awful, non-customizable controls and sadistic stage design are really the only things holding SMB back. The core gameplay itself always makes for a good time. The graphics feature very appealing art and color design, and the music isn’t bad either.

On top of the general difficulty issues and nearly impossible final level, there is a ‘semi-broken’ Achievement which does not match its description. ‘Crowned Champion’ actually requires players to earn a crown on every single level rather than just one world - a super tough feat. For more details, check out our review.

Super Monkey Ball now costs 99 cents and there is a free trail. Get it here from the Marketplace. Follow this tag to see more 99 cent Xbox Live games.

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schlubadub says:

Wow... For once it's the same price on the Aussie marketplace instead of being 50c more (despite 1:1 exchange rate). I got excited because I thought this was Tiki Towers (must be the monkey theme) but that's still $3.49 :/

alexplayer says:

Same here. I do hope a tiki-towers 2 is in the works. It was one of the best wp7 games made

CJ Thunder says:

WPC announced that it was coming this summer.

Banstyle says:

Still not worth it!

Tomasz S. says:

I think $0.5 would be appropriate. I can't believe they tried to sell this monkey poop for $5. Of course I purchased it for the $1 to get the achievements, cause I'm a psycho. Those uncalibratable tilt controls sure suck.

CAVX says:

I'm apparently the only one in existence who got past the tilt controls fairly quickly. Not saying they're great, but I was able to figure them out after a couple minutes.

jedijaxpavan says:

I bought this for $2.99 on DoTW some time ago. Game still sucks though.

This game free is still too expensive.