Xbox Live for Windows Phone Easter sale makes today a very good Friday

Xbox Live Easter 2012 Sale

Microsoft hasn’t announced it yet, but we’ve caught wind of a mobile Xbox Live Easter sale. Or it could be a celebration of the Lumia 900's release - who knows? The following games are currently only 99 cents each:

This is easily the biggest and best sale on Windows Phone Xbox Live titles ever – seven titles is a lot, and they’re 66 percent off instead of the usual 33. Which games will you be picking up, awesome WPCentral readers? I probably had the most fun with Burn the Rope, but you can’t lose with most of these.

We don’t know the dates of the sale, but it’s likely to run at least through Sunday. This post will be updated should we spot an official date.



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jubbing says:

The price they SHOULD have been to start with...

Paul Acevedo says:

Sure, if Microsoft and the developers didn't want to make any profit off of them.

jubbing says:

We only care about ourselves remember?

cybergrimes says:

Profit can also be obtained by volume of sales.

Paul Acevedo says:

Yes, but only for the very top titles, and the market itself has to be large enough to provide those sales. Windows Phone is still a lot smaller than the iOS and Android markets.

kidjenius says:

Max and the Magic Marker is actually good, BUT IT NEEDS FAST APP SWITCHING :'(

CJ Thunder says:

That game and my lack of 100% is keeping me from buying a new phone. ;) somewhat. The ds game was on sale for $10 at Best Buy, wonder if it's worth it.

inteller says:

now THIS is more like it!  I bought them all to show my support of PROPER pricing!

Terrin says:

Not that I am complaining because that is a awesome sale but I already bought everyone of them for there regular price minus burn the rope

Welve says:

Caught this before wpcentral thanks to their earlier review of Marketplace deals!

dannejanne says:

Thank you! I purchased a couple of them. Did not have a single one of them.

cybergrimes says:

My Lumia isn't coming until next week. Anyone know a way to purchase these beforehand at the sale price? Zune says I must have a Windows Phone.
It sounds like I'm out of luck but hope someone knows something I do not.

Kreblon says:

Did you try buying the app through http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/marketplace? I'm pretty sure I've purchased apps in the past that way and then later connected my phone to download them. Do you have a Live account set up and ready to go?

Paul Acevedo says:

No, that won't work, sadly. You must have a Windows Phone tied to your account.

cybergrimes says:

Paul is correct. While I have had my Live account for many years it readily informed me that I must first attach it to an actual device. Oh well guess I'll selectively buy at full price once the phone arrives. Probably get some other titles in that case.

corinthos says:

Go into store with live models and master reset a phone and put your live info in. Then you'll be able to purchase the apps. Be sure to master reset it before you leave. Thats how I got Ilo Milo for free on my live account when ATT was giving it away free when the devices first came out.

tylerh1701 says:

Thanks Paul!  Scooped up Doodle God, Max & the Magic Marker, De Blob, and Toy Soldiers!

WPSteve says:

Maybe I'll see what all the Angry Birds craze is about now...

schlubadub says:

Just play the first chapter for free in Chrome. It's highly overrated IMO

Tryggr says:

@cybergrimes. Cost: $1.25 Sale price: $1. How will you make money? Volume!
Wasn't this a Simpsons episode?

Kormiko says:

It would be nice if this is the new pricing structure.  A third of the regular cost could equate to four or five times their normal sales.  Who knows until they try?  Lowered prices work really well for Valve on STEAM.

Now, if only they'd get "Plants vs. Zombies" to go down in price too.

Mouthsmasher says:

I've been waiting for Plants vs Zombies to go on sale for over a year. Still waiting...

Ton77 says:

I bought all those games :(

DavidinCT says:

Grabbed Max, I tried the demo before, it was a cool game but, too much at the time, $0.99 is a good price...

DaHui623 says:

Awesome sale. Picked up a couple myself.

Djole77 says:

bought angry birds
now get pvz/ilomilo at those prices

I think its funny how just because it was out for a previous OD, everyone thinks it should be sold at the reduced price. Reminds me of when GTA first came to Xbox, it sold for 60 bucks when the PS version was already 30..people complained then too but its like come on, its a NEW game to you, so you pay the new game price...pretty simple...

DavidinCT says:

Yea, I agree with everyone else... Take a look at Dumb(angry) birds for example, It's $0.99 on Appple and Android(with it's 40 different versions for 0.99 but, it's $2.99 for WP7 ?
All these games should be $0.99 all the time as other marketplaces have them for that price.

trazer says:

Awesome, I did not own a single one of these even though I've had a WP7 device since launch!  I got 4, all except for Burn the Rope, Doodle God and Toy Soliders - the first two I have on Android and the last one I heard stunk so no chance there lol.
THANKS to MS for this sale, now this is what we need for sales!  I hope to see more of these deals as the phone sales take off more (i hope) with the new devices coming out.

PeterFnet says:

Hopefully the sale will last a few days into the launch of the Lumia 900 @ AT&T

jkercado says:

I can't believe how people complain about paying $2 for an application. Sheesh

Kormiko says:

It has more to do with how people who use Android and iOS ask WP7 users why games they get for cheap (or free) cost more money on WP7.  You can tell them about Xbox Live achievements or there are less buyers overall, but most of them don't care about those reasons.

Yes, we add a bunch of features (like floor mats) to new cars that are outrageous in price.  Yes, we buy $5 coffees.  It doesn't make sense in real cost, but it's all psychological.  No one wants to pay more for something that someone else can get for less or even free... for the same reason we don't want to throw dollar bills into the trash bin.  And especially since we're already spending $900-$1200 per year for phone and service.

The throwing bills in the trash bin analogy is totally demagogic. It might be psychological but that doesn't make it bright. Live games are Live games can't be compared with Android games since that anarchic platform has no true ecosystem. I think it's pretty clear by now, if ppl want cheap, insecure, add driven, anarchic platform, probably they chose the wrong system.
Ask for more quality on Live games? I'm in! Ask for cheap stuff, because other ppl have cheap, I'm out.

vamn says:

I agree with you about Android. But what about iOS?
Almost all the WP7 games that are multiplatform are the exact same versions as the iOS games. Several, in fact, actually have superior versions on Apple's platform. Take "Pocket God" for example, which has way more content at 1/3 of the price point. And what does Live really add right now? Achievements? Leaderboards? Apple's Game Center already has both of those for its paid and free apps. Live doesn't even have multiplayer yet!
I think Microsoft really needs to step up its game in terms of both pricing and content.

vbandi says:

SurfCube is also on sale, available for $0.99 (half the normal price)

Lol, ppl are cheap. Bloody drama for apps which cost 2.5 euro... You don't need to buy all of them you know?

DarkSynopsis says:

Already got Angry Birds but I will pick up the other 6 at that price!

pressstart says:

Sweet, thanks for heads up. In for Angry Birds. I'll think about the rest :D

Gemini Ace says:

In for most!  This is why I love this site!

R0NELL says:

Just got 3 of the the price of 1, that's a win in my book.

nrask7 says:

Good deals guys.

gorebashd says:

I got burn the rope, max, and toy soldiers. Couldn't buy them all as I just bought civilization revolution =) excellent deal

BallistaMan says:

Anybody know how long this sale will last? I'd love to have a couple days to ruminate on the demos, even at this price (call me picky :P).

Dannay says:

wow cheap!! i can now say its cheap enough for me to buy angry birds :)

pinacolada says:

this is sweet!! Thanks for the info guys :)

BK-one says:

Hey, I just jumped ship from the at&t iPhone 4S to the Lumia 900. This is one amazing phone and the OS is very different and fresh. So far, I have no complaints what so ever about this phone and the things I use my phone for. I feel like I have most of everything setup already and it is working very smoothly.
The iPhone was the Mercedes Benz of phones back from release of the original-2010. But nothing radical has changed about the OS. It works and it does the job but it got dull. It's Like the Toyota Camary or Honda Accord now. Yes it's reliable, dependeable and you can count on it but everyone has one. It has lost its exclusiveness especially now that you can get it on a few more local phone carriers.
Give it a few more months and you will be able to get it as a pay as you go phone or evern at a Spinx gas station. (no offense Spinx).
Great job Nokia with the hardware and excellent work with Microsoft on the software. Looking forward to being a MS fan for the next few years to see what happens next.

Dang! I already own 4 of these titles. At least I can get the other 2 for $2 total. Believe it or not, one of those is Angry Birds! I am using the HTC Trophy on Verizon and it works great for me - 38 phone completions so far!