The Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone title on July 4th is the adorable Mush from Angry Mango

A few weeks ago at E3 2012 in Los Angeles, we managed to get some hands on with the upcoming Xbox LIVE title 'Mush'. The game is from studio Angry Mango and it looks like it will finally bring some new life into some of the slightly boring and repetitive titles of late. 

Mush is a fairly adorable and cute casual game where you use tilt controls to move your character around the board. Full of puzzles and bold graphics, the game has a unique trick up its sleeve: you manipulate the character's emotions to get by the levels.

What was that again? 

Basically if you draw a smile on the screen, he floats. Draw a frown and he sinks. Shake the device and yes, he gets angry (and he will smash through things). Call us crazy but with the LocoRoco-esque graphics, the unique animation and the creative way to control your character, we're super excited for this title. It should appeal to the regular gamer, kids, the ladies, fans of Ilomilo and anyone who enjoys some fun challenges.

Look for Mush on Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone next week on July 4th. See their website here and check our hands on with the game after the break on what to expect.



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NIST says:

What is it like 3am there, and you're still breaking news? Dude.

foxibs says:

I want more coffee...

I'm an "about to reitre" sleep technician. Staying up late is my business ;-)

waynejk says:

Is this a WP7 exclusive title? I'm thinking of supporting (read buying) any of the games that are WP7 exclusive, especially one that looks this innovative.

TechAbstract says:

Cool game. Mushgame.com

drg says:

Ah ilo and milo. Haven't played that one is ages but was such an awesome game. Definitely up there as one of the best.

Looks interesting. Will have to check this out next week.

dangerberry says:

Not to call the devs thiefs but that's the control scheme to Super Princess Peach. Lwts just hope this game is better