Microsoft Live Video Player

Watch tomorrow’s Xbox Next announcement with the official Live Video Player app for Windows Phone 8

Good old Microsoft has released an official Live Event app for Windows Phone 8 devices that will allow users to stream tomorrow’s live NEXT Xbox announcement to their devices.

Microsoft has previously has such an app for their Xbox 360 console, allowing users at home to watch on their big’ol TVs but they didn’t have anything available for their Windows Phone lineup. Now, they seemed to have rectified that with the official Live Video Player app.

Of course we have no idea how well it will work but we’re quite excited that those of you on-the-go tomorrow will be able to stream the major event to your Windows Phone 8 device.

If you still can’t watch the live event tomorrow, tune into Windows Phone Central as we’ll be doing a live blog and coverage throughout the day, so just check your app!

Pick up Microsoft’s Live Video Player here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only. Thanks, Jay, for the heads up!

QR: Live Video Player



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mmoses1978 says:

Got it, can't wait.

Vb2012 says:

Finally took u long enough Daniel -_-

Hipsters everywhere, lol.

MediaCastleX says:


RetroMan71 says:

Cant wait for this!

kaynachtsman says:

Nice that's what i call support for an ecosystem

lippidp says:

That's what I call abandoning 50% of your user base (WP8 only)!

dk_banaah says:

Ahh give it a rest already, what's done is done.
Moaning about it isn't going to change anything #dealwithit

Odog4ever says:

Unfortunate but I don't think WP8 would be getting all the hero apps as of late without the move away from WP7. Gotta cut of the gangrene leg to save the body...

zeronoise says:

^this plus I'm sure there are more wp8 users than wp7 so 50% isn't even close to correct prolly more like 20-30%

lippidp says:

You guys are retarded.  I wasn't moaning, just pointing out that it is not stellar "support for an ecosystem" when you cut out 50% of your user base.  In fact, I don't give a rat's ass about the new Xbox let alone an app to watch the big reveal.  And to the moron that thinks it's "prolly more like 20-30%" left of WP7 you are most definitely wrong.  I wasn't guessing with that 50% figure.  It was reported here just a few days ago.
I guess WP has finally hit the masses when the majority of the people posting on here are stupid.  Hooray?

HaibaneReki says:

A. You're actually right (three months ago)
B. No one is retarded just for having a different opinion, I personally have owned L800, switched for WP8 L920 when it came out.
C. It was long known that this was going to happen, who buys stuff without research only to complain? :)

jcagga says:

Damn you midterm on Wednesday!!

DJRedLine says:

6pm UK time, cant wait.

Nimdock says:

Yes!!!! Downloading!

Jrexxx says:

Let the game console wars start again! XD Personnaly on the fence between building a gaming machine and buying an Xbox. Don't see Sony close to MS just because at this stage the ecosystem plays a major role in buying choice.

Don't buy a console.. Since they use DirectX they'll be porting from the PC to the consoles so what's the point when we will get almost everything?

poiman says:

Not for me. Exclusives are what really matter. This gen I preferred the PS3 ones by far. There was a lot more variety and a clear bet on innovative games like Heavy Rain, Journey, Beyond, etc. that's the decisive factor for me.

Kpy3o says:

Windows 8/RT version?

Yakko Warner says:

Win 8 can just point the browser to

kenzibit says:

What are you talking about? Can't WP also do that?

DreadVenom says:

No, the site uses Silverlight player to the best of my knowledge and WP doesn't support this player.

Kenjoe says:

Wow nice nice

Yakko Warner says:

Locked & loaded. Hope the fact that I'm down to 80MB on my 810 doesn't affect it.

WPenvy says:

Wait.... Time?

HM02 says:


dKp1977 says:

Hopefully this app will be used for further events like Built Conference and such too.

Doubt it. Though it would be nice :)

theefman says:

No reason why it shouldn't, the Xbox app is used for all their live streams so the WP app should be compatible. Otherwise seems a bit odd to create the app just for this event.

dKp1977 says:

I don't doubt it's gonna be used for other Xbox related events. But I'd like to see it being used for ANY Microsoft event. ;)

I remember watching the Build conference last year on my WP just through the browser so that's always an option. But I guess it would be possible with this app because the app description just says "watch live video broadcast". ;)

4Tiles says:

The E3 conference is coming up in 3 weeks so hold onto this app. They will be using it I'm sure.

peachy001 says:

I think it will be. This, or a re-skinned version, will surely be used for E3 etc. So pleased.

MaulerX says:

Super excited for the reveal. Meltdowns incoming. I can feel it!!

Great, now I don't have to watch it on my work PC!

Same here. I did not want to watch it on home PC. Spend enough time gaming on it anyway.

Odog4ever says:

I was figuring out how to time my working "lunch" to coinside with the live stream. Might just use the phone app instead of work laptop now :)

kenzibit says:

Jesus Christ.......WP8 only :'(

jcagga says:

I don't think earlier snapdragon CPUs just doesn't cut it to stream live.

qwe123878 says:

Great news, now I can watch the announcement during the lecture.

TonyDedrick says:

The eternal gamer in me is always excited for these moments. Even if I don't ever see myself buying the console in question. I'm fine with my 360 (amongst other). Games still look great on it and there are still a ton of great games I have yet to play.


Rockartisten says:

A long toilet break though;-)

10 30 PM in India. Looks like I will be calling in sick on Wednesday morning. So pumped for this

You're from India? Now this is something I did not know.

theefman says:

Must be someone new working at Xbox!

it so hart to make a little app (web link) to work with wp 7.8?????????????????????????

esaud says:

This +1000

MikeSo says:

Ah... I never get tired of this ad:
Never fails to give me a chuckle.

What if the answer is yes? Will that satisfy you?

gamepop says:

This is awesome,I was just thinking about how I am going to watch

Rockartisten says:

I will be watching it on my Xbox. The event is 7 pm for us Swedes, which is perfect.

DreadVenom says:

Omfg. Possibly the greatest app you guys ever highlighted. Just please let it work seamlessly.

MikeSo says:

Ah... I never get tired of this ad:
Never fails to give me a chuckle.

squidgyimp says:

Can't wait, hopefully this will be epic

greg2k says:

Ok Microsoft, nice app. Next time it would be killer if you could tell the user what time the event is on in his region (we don't all live in America) and even add a reminder in our calendars. Just my $0.02

Whoa whoa whoa....."not everyone lives in America" TIL

Zeeshan360 says:

Major Nelson , Xbox team is constantly tweeting about the time in different counries ..
There was a time zone posted on Major Nelson's blog too
I don't know what more do u want from Microsoft , Send u emails ??

greg2k says:

Just saying it should be an easy feature to implement, peace bro.

WPSteve says:

I'll get this. But nothing beats my big screen!

What about a big'er' screen? ;)

lemonsteveo says:

Ok MS, now's your chance to market the shit out of WP8 along with the new Xbox!

Duffau says:

THIS x1000000000000

bluemooberry says:

so pumped for xbox event.  

Racxie says:

Damn, and I'm currently limited to 500mb/pm for now until next month when my rolling contract ends. Hope I'll get home in time!

peachy001 says:

Anyone know the UK time for this and also how long it will last?

wpuser320 says:

Damn you 7.8!

tony1213 says:

Wht time does it start?

dqgeek says:

Nice! May use this instead of watching on my XBox since my phone has more bandwidth than my DSL connection.

swizzlerz says:

Didn't they get rid of the "live" brand?? Lol

swizzlerz says:

Wish it had an alarm feature built in lol

glassadam says:

I'll be at work. Here's hoping they have a replay available to watch.... And that my gf doesnt mind watching it! (one tv lol)

nepsydaz says:

1 past 15 ET no video at all
.. My bad. Its pm not am.. Lmfao

MediaCastleX says:

This stupid app don't work! =(